Sex In The Media Essay Research Paper

Sex In The Media Essay, Research Paper

Sex In The Media!!!!

The use of sexual attraction in advertising is very vivid among our everyday society. Advertising

today has become so complex, that women and men stretch out and try to attain these unattainable goals.

Some advocates for women say that these kinds of images objectify women, and are dangerous because

they promote unrealistic body images and risky behavior that force women to question their self-worth.

In the ad Vestimenta, it is portraying a young slim black lady, wearing a long red leather coat.

Now, in our everyday society, people do not look like this. This is the definition of an unattainable goal.

When someone sees this advertisement, automatically think to themselves, ?If this looks good on them,

then this will look good on me.? Well, this is a lie within itself. If you are a big girl, you are not going to

look like the young black lady being portrayed in the advertisement. It seems like women learn that

everything depends on how they look and that the idealized images they see are literally impossible for a

human woman to achieve. When you finally realize that you do not look like the advertisement, it can be

depressing. Henceforth, this persuades you to try and lose weight. If this is gone by an unhealthy way, it

can be detrimental to your health.

There are also several other different types of ways that advertisers use sex to sell a product.

Sometimes, the average eye does not even detect that sex is being involved.

In the computer advertisement Panel Link Digital, a computer is elegantly standing on a stool with

a beautiful lady smiling at you on the screen. Now, when we turn on our computer screens at home, do we

expect this lady to pop up and greet herself to us? No, we do not, but when we do see this advertisement, it

does catch our eye, and the advertisement becomes more appealing, which in turn makes us look at what

product is being portrayed.

The advertisement C, money and the backside of a beautiful yet tacky girl in a bikini

laying on the tropical blue beaches of the Caribbean. What is basically being portrayed here, is the life of

gambling on-line, is the same as the atmosphere around the Caribbean casinos. Step out on the front porch

of your hotel and feel the fresh air of the morning wind hit you in the face. This is not what happens to you

when you click upon this website.

The advertisement Martex, a sheet and towels product, portrays a beautiful young lady lying on a

heap of pillows, smiling at your face like you are her husband and she has been waiting for you to come

home all day. In my mind, this is the worst of all advertisements. I do have to admit though, when I go to

the store and need some towels, I think of the advertisement with this lady in it. She is not going to be

there when I put these sheets on my bed, but she seems to be there at the moment of purchase.

Sex being portrayed throughout advertising had become one of the hottest yet most unethical

trends in the media today. When advertisers show these ads to the average everyday citizen, it makes them

wonder what they would look like with this product, or is this the benefit from this product. These types of

advertisements can be unhealthy and detrimental to your health if taken about the wrong way.


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