Police Brutality Essay Research Paper Police BrutalityPolice

Police Brutality Essay, Research Paper

Police Brutality.

Police Brutality is abuse by law enforcement, where a police feels because he/ she has a badge and gun therefore it puts them above the law and can use unnecessary force against another individual. Police Brutality is not a new issue it has recently become popular due to the current cases that have occurred with in the past year. Cases such as the Amadou Diallo in New York on June 13,2000 where four New York police officers shot a man forty one times simply because his wallet was mistaken for a gun. The case was tried and the police officers involved were dismissed of all charges. In a case similar to that one in Chicago a female was shot and killed by a police officer because her cellular phone was mistaken for a gun. On October 12,1995 Johnny Gammage was beaten to death by five police officers. The son of Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley has recently filed a suit against the New Orleans police department accusing them of breaking his leg in two places.

In Los Angeles the Los Angeles Police Department was involved in one of the largest police scandals in United State history. Police brutality also occurs in prisons where the prisoners are mistreated. Why is it that people just like me and you get punished for certain crimes but police don?t? It is a simple case of authority. We are all human have the freedom to express our rights and police brutality breaks our human rights. Police can pull you aside if they suspect you of having any illegal substance on you. There has been some racial profiling that goes on were a police officer sees an African-American male or female usually male and pulls him /her aside simply because the color of their skin this has been classified as (D.W.B) Driving While Black. The main targets of police brutality are two third African American or Latino and majority of the time the officer is Caucasian.

In a statement the mother of a young boy said, ?My 13-year-old son, Nicholas Heyward, Jr., was killed by a New York City Housing Authority cop who has never been indicted. The mayor came to my son’s funeral and said a lot of the same lies to my family that he’s saying today to the Diallo family. He can’t offer sympathy and support to the victims’ families and justify the police murder of our loved ones at the same time. Is there one police shooting the mayor hasn’t upheld? Kids shot, choked, killed for having toy guns, candy bars, key chains, footballs, most unarmed, many shot in the back. Most of these cases never even make it to trial. Fourteen people where arrested in the Bronx protesting the verdict. We got to come together, stronger than ever, protest this verdict and put a stop to this police brutality.?


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