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Mi Vida Loca Essay, Research Paper

All my life I?ve felt very different from others. When I was a child I didn?t grasp it as strongly as I do now. I?ve had periods filled with self-revelations as I?ve grown a stronger comprehension about life and my sense of displacement. I have also had many eerie experiences, of which I?m unsure as to the classification, being mythical or authentic. I wasn?t born with wisdom teeth or a third eye or extra fingers, but the cord was around my neck and an emergency c-section had to be performed. I also contain a few small, insignificant differences from most people. I am left-handed and was horribly embarrassed as a child?oh, and recently my dentist discovered what my previous dentist had found out, that I do not possess 12-year molars, and he puzzled because I have never had them removed and everyone is supposed to have them.


When I was little, I knew talks with myself were normal behavior for children, although I was never sure if I was the one answering or if someone else was communicating with me. That would often cause me to think deeply. The first unclouded remembrance of an unusual happening was around the age of 7 or 8. I was sleeping soundly in my bed, (which was strange itself as I had a terrorizing fear of the dark), and it was the middle of the night. For some reason I woke up. I sat there for a moment wondering what had caused me to become fully awake. Then I heard a growl outside my window. It wasn?t from a housecat; it couldn?t be. The sound related more to a jungle cat. It intoned anger or hunger and was very ferocious. It was the most evil thing I had ever heard and felt. I knew something wasn?t right. It sounded loud and demonic. Then a woman?s long, frantic scream followed. I lay in my bed unsure as to what to do. I?m unclear as to whether I started praying or not. For some reason I didn?t run to my mother and in lieu, I mulled over the realization of me being very awake and that it was a reality. I knew my mom would believe me and decided to tell her in the morning, but I thought that perhaps she would right it off. I was right. As the years have progressed, I have had thoughts that what I heard could be explained; however, I have not found any rationale. Then again, one is always so certain of one’s memory.


I want to return to the subject of my mother. I have always regarded her as special?not just because she?s my mother, but for many reasons. She was born under uncommon circumstances. My grandmother was told that she could not conceive. Still, she prayed for a miracle, and God rewarded her efforts with my mother?s successful birth.


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