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Example Paper Essay, Research Paper

Have you ever been driving and see the person in front of you is all over the road? No they?re not drunk, it?s probably some one trying to juggle a cell phone, a coffee, and put on make-up. That is my mom. She could care less for the cars behind her or the people around her, she just won?t do those things at home. I guess it?s just easier in the car with lots of distractions going on.

She says she is in a rush every morning, so she does her make-up in the car. Putting on make-up should be done in the bathroom in front of a mirror and not the rear-view mirror. The rear-view mirror is to see behind you when you drive, not to look at yourself when you put on make-up. It?s okay for her to swerve all over the road as long as she has her eye makeup on nice. While driving, a pot hole should make her learn her lesson by getting a big make-up streak across her face. But no, she wipes it off and starts again. This is a very scary thing to do. Well you do need two hands to do your make-up, but you also need at least one hand to drive. That was solved when she learned that her knee could guide the wheel. I feel bad for the unsuspecting pedestrian walking on the road when my mother drives by.

I?ve noticed that Dunkin? Donuts has ruined society. It seems everyone is addicted to coffee. You see someone in a bad mood, they say ?I haven?t had my coffee today?, no different from, ?I haven?t did any drugs today, I?m in a bad mood.?. But every morning the Dunkin? Donuts line at all six Haverhill locations are jam-packed. My mother is in one of those lines. I think coffee calms her down when she drives, how terrible it may be. But if she doesn?t have her coffee, watch out all drivers! Between juggling make-up and a hot coffee how is she driving? Bad, but there is more.

Ring ring, one of the most dangerous things to have in a car and one of the most helpful, the cellular phone. She may have all of the following going on in the car: my three year-old little brother crying, a cell phone ringing, coffee spilling, and her make-up bag falling over. These could all build up to a point of insane road rage. No wonder my mom is always getting into accidents and getting new cars. She says there not her fault, but by coincidence, I think not. Now she could be talking on the phone for some business thing or just calling the baby-sitter, it is still very dangerous to drive, with her. My mom I think has to be one of the worst people on the road. To think they have policies banning objects hanging from the rearview mirror because they?re distracting. Trying to put on make-up, drink a coffee and talk on a phone, I think is distracting.

Come to think of it, if each person who goes to Dunkin? Donuts buys one coffee for one dollar and fifty cents all year round, that adds up to well over five hundred dollars. Plus when your there you want a bagel or maybe a donut. When you need money to fix your car, it?s already spent on years of coffee and donuts. Well all I can do is try to keep my mom off the road for the sake of other drivers and pedestrians.


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