Funny Story Essay Research Paper

Funny Story Essay, Research Paper

There I was, enjoying my holiday in our families holiday flat. Things couldn t get better until 2

girls moved into the flat above ours. I soon introduced myself find out their names were Julie

and Katherine who were both the same age as me (14) . I immediately developed a huge liking

to Julie. After a few sessions of chatting, I presumed that Katherine and Julie were sisters.

Before things could really get going, Katherine and Julie had to return to their house in

Durban. I couldn t get Julie off my mind. I was SO keen for her. After abit of investigating I

found out Katherine surname. I looked up the surname and got the phone number. After

brewing up all my courage I picked up the phone and decided to phone Julie (Katherine s


Hi Julie, its Len, how are you?

Len,? Whos that.?

Remember from

Umm, sortof.

I couldn t understand it… Had she forgotten who I was? I came to the conclusion that she was

only joking around with me? After having a regular conversation about what we had been and

are going to do…etc, I had to try my luck into getting our relationship onto the next level.

So, Julie, we must goto a movie or something next time we see each other in.

Umm, okay….

I was extatic – The girl that I had been constantly thinking about now agreed to go on a date

with me! I phoned my good friend, Cuan (who had just returned from an overseas holiday) to

tell him the good news. Cuan goes to the same school as Julie and Katherine and as soon as I

had finished telling him the entire story he packed up in histerical laughter. After about 10

minutes when his laughter had settled, he explained to me the crucial information I was


Julies real name is Catherine and she is not Katherine s sister, but Katherine s best friend.

Perhaps Catherine told me her name was Julie because they felt embarresed telling me that

they had the same name. The Julie I had spoken to on the phone was Katherine s sister who

was in matric.!


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