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Gsr Essay, Research Paper

Psy 120


The guests were very outspoken and they were affirming their satisfaction with their sexual orientation. One of the speakers in particular, Richard, challenged the question of stereotypes- pointing out that the personalities of gay people vary as much as those of “straights.” I believe the main idea the speakers endeavored to convey is the general accepting of their sexual orientation in society. Instead of asking “What’s wrong with gay people?” this label turns the spotlight on society itself: “What’s wrong with people who can’t accept this sexual orientation?” In addition, I believe their efforts to welcome gay people rendered the establishment of P.F.L.A.G. P.F.L.A.G, according to the speakers is an organization to support gay people.

It was interesting to know when the speakers told us about their confirmation and announcement of their sexual orientation to their parents; all three described their parents’ different reactions. Richard, even dramatically acted out his parent’s reaction and the class found the whole demonstration amusing. The most interesting fact that appealed to me was when Richard self-imposed the question of “How does a person develop a certain sexual orientation?” He explained, however, there is no definitive answer to this question, but suggests that homosexuality and heterosexuality may be rooted in biological factors present at birth.

The topics discussed relate to a gay individual I know who openly reveals his sexual orientation. I admire his valiancy and his sense of pride by identifying with whom he really is, in contrast, as to those who choose to hide their identity and remain “in the closet.” People should not discriminate against gays but should respect them if we want to live together because although they are different, they are human nonetheless.

Speakers presented themselves really well, however, I wanted them to respond to how they felt about how society labels gays and lesbians as morally wrong. Also what their thoughts and perspectives were about the past as to how gay men in the U.S. provoked a renewed outbursts of prejudice, discrimination, and outright violence against gays.

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