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Job Satisfaction Essay Research Paper Are you

Job Satisfaction Essay, Research Paper

Are you Satisfied?

In ” Job Satisfaction “, Stephen P. Robbins writes about five factors which make a person satisfied with his or her job. These factors are mentally challenging work, equitable rewards, supportive working conditions, supportive colleagues, and personality-job fit. From his article I choose two most important factors that work for me. Those are supportive working conditions and supportive colleagues.

In the first factor that I chose, Stephen P. Robbins is talking about conditions that make employees satisfied with their work. He told us about the studies which demonstrate that employees prefer physical surrounding that are not dangerous or uncomfortable. Also they prefer working close to home in clean atmosphere with appropriate equipment. Personally, I totally agree with him because I used to have bad working conditions at my work, and I was completely unsatisfied with my job. I work at Sears and for the first three or four months of my work there the air conditioner was broken, and no one was even trying to fix it. It was very hot inside the store so all employees and customers were complaining about it because it was impossible to either work or shop there. Most of the employees were very angry because the only place where the air conditioner worked was in office, so only managers were enjoying their job. In the department where I work it was so hot that sometimes I was running outside of the store just to take a fresh air. Employees in the store started protesting and not coming to work because it was impossible for them to work standing or walking around in the very hot place for eight hours a day. After protesting we got two fens to our department and our job became much easier and more enjoyable this way, but customers still weren’t that happy about it because it was still kind of hot in the store. Now everything is better because the air conditioner finally got fixed after four terrible months. From this experience I learned that supportive working conditions are very important and if you do not have supportive working conditions, than no matter how much money you ll get you still won’t be completely satisfied with your job.

Second factor that I choose is supportive colleagues. In his article Stephen P. Robbins talked about co-workers and bosses support and supportive colleagues is also very important factor of everyone’s job. Stephan P. Robbins wrote “People get more out of work than merely or tangible achievements. For most employees, work also fills the need for social interaction. Not surprisingly, therefore, having friendly and supportive co-workers leads to increased job satisfaction. The behavior of one’s boss also is a major determinant of satisfaction.” I agree with this factor because I experienced it so I know how important is to have a nice boss. As I told you already, I work at Sears and my manager is the meanest manager in the whole store. She is a manager of only one department, but all employees from different departments hate her as much as employees in our department. She is always very mean, and she always yells at everyone. She doesn’t like anything and everything is supposed to be always her way. It is very hard to work and to be satisfied with your job with a manager like her. I hate it when I have to go to work if I know that she will be there. She is always in a bad mood, so employees are afraid to talk to her when they see her walking by because they know that she will yell at them for something. My manager never listens to our opinions, and when we are trying to explain something to her, she doesn’t want to listen to our explanations, she is just leaves. She doesn’t give us the days off which we want to take, and she is making our schedule however she wants. I am not satisfied with my job when I am working with her because when I am somewhere even near her I feel a big fear inside of me because I know that she can start yelling at me for noting, and I don’t like when people yell at me. I know that one day I will be in the bad mood if she will yell at me I will get mad and I will tell her everything that I think of her, and I will quit right away. On the other hand I like my job because I have my co-workers and almost all of them are very nice to me. We work together as a team very good, and we always cover for each other. Most of my co-workers became my very good friends. I like working with them, and I don’t want to let them down by quitting my job only because my manager is mean. I am satisfied with my job when I work with my co-workers, especially when our boss is not there. In the past six month I learned that supportive colleagues are very important to me because if you do not have supportive co-workers and supportive boss, than you start hating your work and when you hate your work you cannot be satisfied with it.

I want to quit my job right now and start looking for another one because I feel like I am not satisfied with my job. Two most important factors that make me satisfied with my job are supportive work conditions and supportive colleagues. In my job working conditions are terrible and my boss is not supportive either, so I can’t see any reason to stay in this job. In his article Stephan P. Pobbins said, ” Remember, a person’s job is more than just the obvious activities of shuffling papers, waiting on customers, or driving a track. Jobs require interaction with co-workers and bosses, following organizational rules and policies, meeting performance standards, living with working conditions that are often less than idea, and the like. This means that an employee’s assessment of how satisfied or dissatisfied he or she is with his or her job is a complex summation of a number of discrete job elements.” My opinion is that if you are not satisfied with your job, than there is no point to stay there. If you fell that you are not completely satisfied with your job, than you should try make it better, but if you can’t, then the only way out is to quit and find something where you can feel completely satisfied.

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