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Resource Extraction In Provincial Parks Essay Research

Resource Extraction In Provincial Parks Essay, Research Paper

The Value of Resources Extraction in Provincial Parks

According to section 7 (3) of the Provincial Parks Act of 1993 companies are permitted to resource development or resource extraction from a provincial park as long as it does not compromise the main purpose of the park. This means, if a park is created for recreational purposes and there is a logging company that wishes to move in they would be more than welcome to. This is valid as long as they don t interrupt any recreational activities or in any way hinder the park so that it can not be used for the purpose it was designed, in this case, recreation.

I think that the provinces stand on resource extraction is good for several reasons. By using the resources available you are using the land and the park to its fullest extent. You will be creating an income for the province and the park which can be used to keep the park healthy and viable. This added income can be circulated throughout the park and used to keep trails up to date, enhance fish and wildlife management programs, or can be contributed to many other programs designed to keep the park as natural and viable as possible.

When companies have the restriction of not being able to compromise the main purpose of the park they will prevented from extracting resources at their own desire and will be in less conflict with the cottage owners, campers, hikers, naturalists, historians, and sportsmen that use the park. Logging companies or mining companies, for example, will be restricted to the areas of the park that are conserved or not used by the park. This way they are still able to get a fair amount of resources out of the park but are limited to the amount of space they can use because of the recreational, heritage, cultural, or natural areas of the park that are set aside for the general public. By doing this, the park is getting used to its full extent and is satisfying both the companies and the general public, to a certain degree.

Another reason for agreeing with the stand the Manitoba Government is taking on resource extraction and development is that by not using the resources you are leaving them open to destruction and waste. Forest fires, diseases, possible abuse by the public, and old age are just a few of the forms of destruction that are bound to happen sooner or later. In other words, why not use what is, as a province, rightfully ours to be used. Sooner or later Mother Nature will decide to take them back and then we will be left pondering why we didn t use our resources when we had them.

As you can see, our resources are here for our benefit. We, as a province, are entitled to their use and manipulation as we please. Just because a portion of land has been set aside as a provincial park does not mean that the resources of the land cannot be used for the benefit of our province. I do agree that we should set some of our land aside for the preservation and education of the public but the need for resource development should be recognized as well. All earlier parks were set up for one reason, economics. By saving land for cultural, heritage, natural, or recreational purposes, you are utilizing the land but not to its fullest potential. When you bring resource development and extraction into the picture you are employing the land to its fullest extent.