Drug Testing At Unlv Essay Research Paper

Drug Testing At Unlv Essay, Research Paper


Drug testing at UNLV is not as effective as originally thought, and have many students-athletes very upset.

At the beginning of each academic year student-athletes must sign a drug testing consent form prescribed by the NCAA Committee. Student-athletes are not forced to drug test for the NCAA or intercollegiate athletic drug-testing program. However, those who decline will not be eligible for an athletic scholarship or be permitted to participate in intercollegiate athletics for the University.

Although the NCAA drug-testing program is independent of the UNLV Intercollegiate Athletic Department drug-testing program, restrictions enforced by NCAA are supported by UNLV. The problem student-athletes are having is not with NCAA drug testing but with UNLV s independent drug testing procedures.

I understand the purpose of drug testing athletes for performance enhanced drugs. said Kevin Crook; former UNLV football quarterback, What I don t understand is why administration doesn t handle every athlete the same way in regards to being tested.

The rule states that student-athletes who test positive shall remain ineligible for all of regular season and post season competition during the time period of one calendar year after the student-athlete s positive drug test, and until the athlete retests negative. Although the rule is supposed to apply to all athletes many suspect that it does not.

We try are best to be fair and neutral to all athletes, woman and men. said Angela Durfey, UNLV trainer, It s hard not to favor an athlete who is a superstar, but there is no way we alter the drug test to help that athlete. It s unethical and immoral.

Although the drug testing is random, it is thought to favor athletes of higher authority such as the football team or the baseball team. One football player stated, I have been tested three times since the beginning of the year and my girlfriend plays volleyball and they haven t been tested at all the entire season. That doesn t seem fair to me at all.

The testing is done completely random. You re lucky if you only get picked once a year, although some people get picked many times during the season. It s all luck of the draw. Said a UNLV administrator.

Whether drug testing is an excuse to help an athlete who is not necessarily headed in the right direction or a way to regulate certain teams, the over-all opinion of drug testing athletes is positive. I think drug testing is a good excuse to use at parties. You tell them you are an athlete and you have to drug test they usually leave you alone. It s a great release from peer pressure, said Nicole Miller, a junior UNLV softball player.

Several students think drug testing is positive and in fact most find it very beneficial. Its one way to keep athletes from taking performance enhanced drugs. But there are always athletes who will be able to leak through the system. It doesn t matter who you are or what sport you play, there will come a time when all athletes will have to make a decision whether it s more important to play college sports or do drugs, and for most of us it becomes an easy decision. said Cassi Dysert, a junior UNLV softball player.