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Israel 2 (стр. 2 из 2)

Eliminating all terrorist organizations in the Middle East is a substantial task that we must undergo, and with the help of other countries of the world. . More than one step will be necessary to dispose of terrorist activity. If the CIA works together with the Mossad, Israel?s equivalent of the CIA, we have a chance of eliminating the leaders of terrorist activity. Another step is to condemn and put strict economic sanctions on any countries that the U.S. feels is not doing all it can to stop terrorist acts from occurring.

Finally, our last goal is to build up the Middle East?s economy. This is not an easy thing to do. By lending more money to countries and Palestinians in the Middle East the U.S. will enable their economies to grow. As a result of its growth, they will have more to lose if peace efforts fail. Trade will also be expanded. The middle eastern countries will need more materials from outside nations. We can set up trade between these newly developing countries and the U.S. and we can both benefit financially in the long run.

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