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Life The Personal Experience Essay Research Paper

Life: The Personal Experience Essay, Research Paper

Life: The Personal Experience

Who would have thought that a night out with a church group could turn

into a deadly accident? En route to a spring break camp, one of our van was hit

by a 18 wheelers’ truck; creating a night we wouldn’t forget.

The story began with a trip to summer retreat. It was ticket to bring

me back to reality, and also tickets for some people to heaven. We loaded our

luggage into the back of the vans, and we headed off toward our destination. It

is about one or one and half hour later, one of our van stop at the stop sign,

when the driver of that van saw no car was coming, (some blind spot cover the

area that the driver can’t see) he step the paddles and drive off, but a on

coming truck was driving too fast and didn’t saw one of our van, it crushes the

van into three different pieces, everyone in our van saw it happened and

everyone is shocked of that terrible scene. Few minutes later, the cops and the

ambulances quickly arrived. We heard the loud noise come from the police and ask

us to help them, we quickly got off the van and helping the fire fighters and

the cops to pull people out of that vans, I saw lot of our church friend got

burned to death and some other just crushed by Small pieces. Everyone is in

tears including the police and fire fighters. After the rescue, we find out

most of people in that van died, but some in serious condition.

After that accident, I learned that life is meaningless, and learned that

we should help others while we can. My goal was to let God into my life. It

was one of the most relaxing and peaceful things I have ever done. Because we

all inspired by God, he helps us when we really needed him. He brings us out of

the nightmare that no one will ever forget. We gather all our church friend in

a small meeting every Friday, every time we meet, we would have small group

meetings and share anything that came to mind. We prayed for people to find God

in their life, and for everything that needed assistance. We also planned the

prayer service, meal plans, and chores for the next day. We saw God comes in our

life and helps us while we have trouble of doing some stuff that we just cannot

understand. He gives us power to think and solve the problem successively. I

was more conscious of how scripture relates to my life. I feel the purpose of

the meetings was accomplished. Not only were the participants reunited

themselves with God, they were also led into the direction by God. Before the

meetings, many of us didn’t even know exactly why we were and where we were, and

where we would go next, cause we are upset of what happened. After this I

learned that every story has two sides, bright side and dark side. The dark side

is people died in that accident, but the bright side is we built strong

relationship with God and we have the strong faith than before. It opens my mind

with the different choice that we can choose in life.

Because of this meeting, I have become more spiritual in my daily life,

and I have set certain goals of reading some of the Bible every time I need to

work out a situation.Throughout the meetings, we kept teasing each other

about where our parents were, and that started many inside jokes. These jokes

were just the beginning of a special bond I found in our friendship.

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