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Consrtuctive Criticism Essay Research Paper I believe

Consrtuctive Criticism Essay, Research Paper

I believe that constructive criticism promotes learning and improvement andis a form of advise that can help one and that one can benefit from. Offeringone constructive criticism can help one to overcome bad habits and problems.Constructive criticism is similar to criticism in that it is an opinion by anindividual, but the difference is that constructive criticism is used to be ofassistance in improving one’s nature, character, and personality and Criticismis words used by an individual that puts down or degrades another individualwithout serving a useful. If one is willing to accept constructive criticism, then one can benefitfrom it, as a child and as an adult. The benefits that one will receive willallow him to have better relationships with others, to be a more productiveperson, to be happier with themselves, and to understand the differencesbetween criticism and constructive criticism. Another benefit would be that ifone understands constructive criticism in the right way and is willing toaccept it, then it will raise his self-esteem and he will think more highly ofhimself. When one corrects his child he is trying to discipline or help himovercome bad habits and to teach him what he must know in life. An exampleof this would be when a child has trouble with temper tantrums. In this caseone would want to give the child constructive criticism in the form ofdiscipline, which would help him to overcome this destructive habit. Anotherexample of giving constructive criticism in the form of discipline would be achild who has a problem with telling lies. If given constructive criticism in theform of discipline, it will help him to overcome the problem in the order thatpeople will trust him all of his life. One may not accept constructive criticism given by another and he maynot grow through his problems because of his lack of exceptance. One willtend to go from problem to problem because he will not admit that he has a

weakness. At a younger age, constructive criticism may be easier for a childto accept and habits and problems may be easier to overcome than at an olderage because one will admit his mistakes and has the help of parents to correcthim at a younger age. Constructive criticism takes place when one sees a weakness inanother or a problem another has and he has the desire to help them overcomethe weakness or problem by giving constructive criticism. It also takes placewhen one wants another person to grow from mistakes so he can become abetter person, thus creating a better world. One who participates in sports is another example of constructivecriticism. When a coach helps one to improve his skills and abilities in a sporthe is giving the player constructive criticism. When the coach tells one whathe is doing wrong and tries to help him do what is right, he is giving himconstructive criticism because he is learning from his mistakes and he canimprove from what the coach says. An example of this would be a basketballplayer who has a bad shot. A coach might help him by telling him what he isdoing wrong and how he can make his shot better. Another example of constructive criticism is when one receives helpfrom a teacher in school. If one does not understand a subject in school, ateacher might offer extra help to explain what he is doing wrong and try tocorrect him. If one is willing to take the extra help and willing to learn theright way to do it, then he is accepting constructive criticism because theteacher is trying to correct him of his mistakes and show him what is right.Once one accepts the constructive criticism, he is benefiting from it and it willhelp him later in life. I feel that without constructive criticism there would be a great deal ofproblems because one would grow up without the advise and knowledge thatothers have already gained and one would not be able to give or takeconstructive criticism as well as others as he becomes older because he hasgrown up not accepting constructive criticism.

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