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Money Essay, Research Paper

i love moneyThe Seed Meadow1. There are evidences that illustrate the close relationship the Ohlones had with the land. In this book, a mother tells her daughter that your field is always first as they enter the village that just had their year s first grass seeds. They were not aloud to say such things aloud. Also the Ohlones periodically burned their land. Their burning had different effects, it kept the brush from taking over the meadowland, it helped perpetuate the digger pines whose seeds germinate best after a fire, it fostered certain grasses and flower, it provided a good wildlife habitat for large game animals such as elk, deer, and antelope, and it prevented large build-up of fuel that could cause a big forest fire.A Wandering Life1. The most influential factor which characterized and shaped the Ohlone life style were the serious of ripening and harvestings divided the year into different periods. Moving from one harvest to the next, the Ohlones led what early observers called a wandering life. 2. I would say that the Ohlones are not gluttonous and lazy at all. Even people like Ohlones need to find ways of surviving and eating. They aren t gluttonous because every one in the tribe worked hard to harvest enough food so they don t have to eat sparingly. Also they are not lazy either because they would travel far away by foot to gather food and also take care of their family at the same time. They have to hunt, and harvest themselves.

3. The advantages of the architectural design known as a geodesic dome were that such dwellings could be built up in a few hours and could later be deserted with little lost.4. The culture that the Ohlone valued was different than out society is based on. In their society, to be wealthy was not to have and possess a lot, but to be wealthy was to give. But in our society, to be wealthy is to have a lot of money and usually the wealthy people are greedier and give less to the poor, they would just want more.5. In my opinion, I think that the Ohlone Indians are backward people because going forward means having new things and new technology. But instead the Ohlones stays they way they are, not moving ahead like other people in the world which makes them backward people.A Settled Way1. The Achievement of the Ohlones that was indeed rare in human history was they achieved a condition of relative peace and stability that lasted for hundreds of years. The great period of relative peace and stability, so rare in human history, helped shaped the Ohlone way of life.2. The existence of so many languages side by side can lead to only one conclusion: that the Ohlones and other California Indians must not only have led settled lives for centuries, but that the dominant characteristic of this great span of time must have been the relative isolation of one tribelet from another.3. Isolation and diversity were major themes in Ohlone life.


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