Why I Am At Acc Essay Research

Why I Am At Acc Essay, Research Paper




MARCH 6, 2001


During my years in high school being popular was what life was about. What type of clothes you wore what kind of a car you drove, who your friends were, and who you were dating. Being academic wasn’t really shunned upon; it just wasn’t my strongest strength. I was smart in classes that I held an interest in. Unfortunately, those classes were more electives then core classes. I failed my math classes, and repeated them, which put me behind. Which being behind never really bothered me, until my senior year. When I was to behind to catch up or so I thought.

I spent most of my years at Highland Park High School, being the best dressed, and being at all the parties. So as my senior came upon me, I was ready to have a blast. Until, my counselor called me into his office to inform me otherwise, that I was academically unprepared for any higher learning. He told me this since I had not done any college preparing or so he thought. I did on my own, I filled applications and got my transcripts sent on my own. I had been trying to get into college, since all my friends were too. I visited colleges, and I was viewed college life, I started to feel that I was too immature to handle the real world. It scared me, so when I got back to school after visiting UCLA, I put more effort into my studies. I needed to get some grades that were worthy enough to help get my dream. My dream was to be on my own, away from my family.

I will admit that I waited till the last minute, to pick some schools to go to. I applied to four universities, University of Florida, Western State University, UCLA, and finally University of Texas. I really had my heart set on going out of state, but as my letters rolled in, it became more apparent that I was staying in the Lone Star State. I was a good student at a very academically challenging school, I had C’s and B’s, a fair SAT score. But that wasn’t enough to get me into UCLA, or enough to get me into UT without going through provisionals.

So I decided, to waste a summer of seeing friends before we all left for school by not going to Austin after graduation and going to provisional. So I decided to move to Austin, and go to community college in the fall. This way I could be with some of my good friends, and go to school away from home. This was ideal for me, live in a dorm, and get some college under my belt. This way I would be more prepared to transfer into UT. So I came here, with hopes of getting some good grades, and meeting tons of people. Now, why did I really pick Austin? Well, I had to get away from a really bad situation, his name is Baird. He was the love of my life, and he had me completely hooked on drugs my senior year. This would be another reason, for my grades to be awful, my senior year. I knew I had to get away from him, or else I was going to be a nobody. I wanted to get away, and yes I ran. I told absolutely no one where I was going. Only my best friend Sally knew. As far as everyone else is concerned I am in Colorado. I had to get away from this guy, he had me under control, and he never loved me like I loved him. I thought he was the one I was going to marry, but I know now that I was wrong. He is a user, and he used me for money. I spent so much money on drugs for us to use, and I stole from my family in order to get my drug of choice, cocaine.

Over time, my friends stopped hanging out with me, and I got some of my good friends hooked on the drug in the mean time. I felt so bad; I ruined my life as well as others. But I was able to kick the habit on my own and get away from the craziness that was my life. I partied hard, and I discovered, that I wasn’t being true to my self. So I am glad that I a

My crazy high school life was not the only reason I came to Austin. I needed to get some experience; I have never been in a class or interacted with any minorities in all my years of education. I needed some diversity in the classroom setting; I needed to learn how to interact with other ethinicities. So Austin, being rather diverse, I came to mingle. So far, its been working and I admit it was a shock to see the way other groups interact in the class room. At my high school it was 100 percent white, and everyone set in class behaving. I have noticed that other groups mainly African American, are louder, more outspoken then I could ever be.

So coming to ACC is not only preparing me to get into the University of Texas, but its making me aware that diversity is good. I have no plans of a major right now, and I don’t even know where I am going to be next year. What I do know is that I am girl who came from a sheltered life in Highland Park. Who has been scared at times, but her true character is coming out. My fear is dimensioning, and I feel stronger than ever. So I am not disappointed that I am not in a sorority, or that I am not in a big university. I know that when I get into a sorority it will be a blast, and I am enjoying life with great friends here in Austin, Texas.



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