Relationships Essay Research Paper Relationships lust

Relationships Essay, Research Paper

Relationships , lust, and love are all things that can consume any man or women

no matter what. They can be some of the most confusing things that sometimes may not

ever make sense, but that s what makes them so interesting. The two stories Cat In The

Rain and The Horse Dealer s Daughter share a common way in which men and

women hold their relationships. They basically show that men treat women with a certain

cruelty except when they are lusting for them.

In Cat In The Rain by Hemingway there is a young couple staying at hotel that

seems to have a tension between them. The wife sees a cat in the rain and goes to retrieve

it , but by the time she gets there the cat is gone. Eventually the maid at the hotel brings a

cat to her room and throughout the entire story the husband reads his book on the bed.

Right away you can tell that the husband doesn t really care too much about his wife is

when she says she is going to get the cat. When she says this, the husband offers to get it

himself but doesn t even move an inch off the bed. And as the wife is leaving to go get

the animal the husband says Don t get wet . If he really was a considerate person he

would have at least gotten up and acted interested , but instead he keeps to his book. Also

the comment he says to her before she leaves is almost mocking her and is a very

belittling thing to say at that time. It can show how he almost considers what she is doing

to be very childish and unimportant.

When the wife goes downstairs into the lobby she sees the hotel-keeper and

explains how she likes him so much because of the way he serves her and receives any

complaints in such a serious manner. As these thoughts go through her head it reflects on

her personal life. The only reason she enjoys the hotel-keeper so much is because she

doesn t receive any of his qualities or gifts from her own husband. This is a major

problem for the girl because the person she has to spend everyday with doesn t even

possess the qualities she desires so much. Dignity is something a women can appreciate

in a man and her husband doesn t appear to have much of it. Also when she mentions

how she likes the way the hotel-keeper wants to serve her it directly shows her husbands

in-ability to want to serve her.

When the wife starts to complain about the way she looks the husbands head

finally comes out of the book. It says how he starts to look at her profile and her hair.

Then he even comments on how he likes the way she looks. Its funny how after all this

time goes by he doesn t pay attention to her until there is a chance of any lust. So

basically the man cares about his own needs and pays no attention to hers unless he can

get something out of it. How can a relationship even exist if all a guy wants is sex and he

pays no attention to the women s needs nor does he have any worthy qualities to him?

In The Horse Dealer s Daughter by D.H. Lawrence there is a girl named Mabel

who is treated poorly by her brothers. And eventually she goes to kill herself because that

is her only option and is saved by her doctor. They both then confess their love for each

other. Her brothers tease her to the point were they called her bulldog because of her

expression she had all the time. They really have no reason to boss her around and make

fun of her but yet they all do it. The love she requires is not present and makes her life

extremely difficult being that her parents are gone.

When Mabel and her brother s doctor shows up it shows how Jack interestingly

enough watches her every movement and makes a sour expression because he is in love

with her. This is also a similar situation to the other story because Mabel is stuck with

people that don t please her while Jack does, just like the wife and the hotel-keeper. This

seems to be a common problem with men and women. The women gets no love or care

from the man in her life and notices what she s looking for in another man that is not a

big part in her life.

Men often hide their feelings because of shame or embarrassment gotten from

their peers. Which is the whole reason Jack didn t do anything about his feelings for

Mabel until it was almost to late. And it s a little strange that he did undress her before he

confessed his love to her , which goes to show that lust once again probably played a

small role in his decision making towards her. For him to even wait so long to tell her this

is a very wrong thing to do being that he knew all along how her brother s treated her.

Also his friends should never keep him from making a decision , you should always just

follow your heart no matter what.

All of these things are pretty important because they show a bad view of love

between men and women, which can show you how to watch out for things and to

know who really cares about you and who doesn t. Women should never get treated

in such a harsh way as these stories show and relationships shouldn t be so unhealthy for

this to even take place. Men should not just use lust as their only motive and instead

actually use other means of affection towards women and then women wouldn t need to

find the qualities they are looking for in other men.


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