US Terrorism Essay Research Paper The United

U.S. Terrorism Essay, Research Paper

The United States has become the target of the most recent terrorist attacks

because of it?s political involvement in the middle east. The United States has had

involvement in the middle east ever since before the Gulf War which took place in

the early 1990?s. Their involvement began in the early 80?s when they were called

to help out Isreal, an ally which was being harrasses by Palestine. Their presence

has been felt there since and the U.S. has acted like International Police.

The presence of the United States has been felt in that region of the

middle east since the 1980?s and has upset certain groups of muslims who do not

want them there. The U.S. first became involved in the middle east when it finally

recognized the Palestinian Liberation Organization (P.L.O.), an organization

which was developed to help the Palestinians try to recover land that they lost

when the country of Isreal was created in 1948. The United States foreign policy

limited the P.L.O.?s success because it made of certain rules that the P.L.O. had to

follow before the U.S. finally recognized it as being the representative of all

Palestinian Arabs. The P.L.O. had to accept the existence Isreal as a

state,withdraw troops from Isreal, and to live in peace within secure and

recognized boundaries. This did not set well with the P.L.O. They refused to

accept Isreal as a state and in return the Americans did not regcognize the P.L.O.

as an organization but stil kept troops there to try and keep the peace. This is

where the U.S. first seen signs of terrorism. There were bombings, hi-jackings,

and shootings directed at civilian targets by palestinians who claimed that their

actions were political statements. The P.L.O. failed to condem the use of

internations terrorist tactics andeven thought they do have a no tolerance policy

towards terrorism.

Since the Gulf War, the United States has continued to conduct covert

military operations in Iraq, which mostly involved the C.I.A. Their goal was to

over throw Saddam Hussein in which their many attempts failed. The U.S. set up a

Kurdish defector camp where in northern Iraq where its intent was to protect 3.5

million Kurds, who rebeled against Baghdad near the end of the Gulf War, from

attacks by Saddam Hussein. This was a ?Safe Haven? for many refugees and

defectors from Iraq?s army which was aruond 14,000 square miles.

Some groups in the middle east have developed a hatred towards the United

States military being in their land. Some allowed their hatred to become so deep as

to built terrrorist camps where people are trained to become future terrorists and



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