Republic Of Honduras Essay Research Paper The

Republic Of Honduras Essay, Research Paper

The Republic of Honduras (La Republica De Honduras) is a nation whose world viewis rooted firmly within their Roman Catholic heritage. Whenever the opportunity presentsitself, Honduras strives for peace and harmony throughout the world. Though we recognizeour country’s relatively small size, we feel it is our and every country’s responsibility to dowhat is necessary to improve our world. Within our own borders, our President, CarlosRoberto Reina, has taken steps to improve the lifestyle and well being of our people bypursuing a “Moral Revolution.” The principals embodied in this revolution are the very sameprinciples that must be instituted on a global scale. Therefore, it is with great pride and honorthat the Republic of Honduras, as a member of the Security Council, ECLAC, G-77, IDB,PAHO, OAS, and the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, will state its position onthe following global issues: all women’s rights issues, nuclear weapons testing, the size andcomposition of the security council, environmental regulation of industry, and all Social andHumanitarian Committee topics.Though our economy is weak, the strength of the Honduran family gives us morepower than any amount of money. The foundation of this strength is the mother, the wife, thewoman. It is with this principle in mind that all soldiers in the “Moral Revolution” clamor forwomen to lead our charge. But how… How can women succeed without the proper educationand rights? The fact is they can’t. Women must receive equality in all facets of life. There canbe absolutely no exceptions. It is asinine to think that women should receive inadequatehealth care or wages, based simply on gender. Since women are an integral part of ourcountry and our country’s success, it is only fitting that they should have the right to defendthe country that they help build. The soldiers of our “Moral Revolution” will never lose sightof the enemy, and will never revert to civil war, revert to domestic violence. The few cowardswho stray will be branded, will be punished. Based on that philosophy, Honduras urges, nay,demands that all nations stand firm against any type of domestic violence. In addition, theempowerment of women begins with improvements in natal and pre-natal care. Obviously, nopregnancy should ever occur out of wed-lock, and once conceived no fetus must ever beaborted. When a women is pregnant it is societies responsibility to ensure that both themother and the un-born child receive the best possible care. Honduras believes that womencannot make it alone. They cannot work, and parent, and care for the elderly, without thebacking of a caring society.

Simply put, Honduras fears its larger neighbors. The thought that at any moment onenation may acquire nuclear weapons, quite frankly terrifies us. The only way to prevent theacquisition of nuclear arms is to institute complete cessation of nuclear weapons testing. Only then, can we truly begin to rid the world of nuclear weapons.As a member of the Security Council of the U.N. we feel that it is imperative toincrease membership for the sake of more diversified representation. We align with thecountry of Italy in the belief that a larger U.N.. Security Council would have greater moralauthority in the world and would make the U.N.. more effective. It would be a shame if thepristine beauty of Honduras was to be tarnished by industrial pollution. Along the same lines,any industrial pollution anywhere in this global sanctuary is disgraceful and hideous. That iswhy Honduras will carry the flag, to fight for clean air, land, and seas. It is our moralobligation.One of the obstacles that faces our country on the path to economic stability is apopulation with a staggering percentage of working poor. Since other nations share ourproblem, we strive to create higher paying jobs in a global economy. The children of todayare the workers of tomorrow. Thus, our children need to be educated and taught the skillsnecessary to compete for the jobs of the future. Hand in hand with practical knowledge, the”Moral Revolution” must be passed on to the next generation of soldiers. Our children mustbe taught virtues, faith, and honesty. The “Moral Revolution” will help maintain the mentalintegrity of children growing up in a rapidly developing nation and world. As a beacon ofmorality, we ask that the nations of the world follow our lead in the peaceful integration of allraces. It is Honduras’ number one priority to eliminate poverty in our own country andthroughout the world. We feel that in order to combat poverty we must arm our soldiers, ourpeople with education. Through education, nations can increase the number of jobs theircitizens are qualified for. In addition, better educated people will attract high-tech. industry,in turn creating more jobs, more wealth, and less poverty. On the following issues, The Republic of Honduras is currently neutral. However, thisdoes not indicate that Honduras will abstain from debate and formulation of opinions. Theissues are: ethnic violence, Islamic extremism, ethnic tensions in Europe, maritimeboundaries, nationalism, consequences of technology, and the enhancement of internationaleconomic cooperation. In conclusion, we ask all of our brothers and sisters throughout the world to enlist inthe Army of Virtue, and fight side by side with Honduras in the global “Moral Revolution.”


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