Antigone 4 Essay Research Paper Antigone is

Antigone 4 Essay, Research Paper

Antigone is a play that mainly deals with differences amongst characters that cause life long drawbacks and a threatening resolutions. The drama is portrayed through Antigone’s and Creon’s characters, who undoubtedly resemble each other. Although they try to be masters of their own fate and eventually succumb to grieving outcomes, they both seem to have the values of a tragic hero. Although, they have their differences, their battle with one another illustrates them both as moral characteres full of pride and arrogance.

Antigone was born full of superiority and courage, yet leaves the world as a conquered personage. She respects her family despite what has happened in the past and always seems to be loyal towards her brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, as well as her sister Ismene. Antigone feels as though abiding by the laws of the gods, is a valuable merit to follow. This theory gradually affects her actions and behavior towards Creon. The tragic flaw of Antigone leads to many lamenting events in the play. The manner she poses her characteristics in such as being stubborn and raggedness portrays her flaw in the play. Antigone attempts to challenge Creon’s love for power and accepts the punishment given to her. She bows to death because she is aware that she has done a good deed and she will inhale her last breath in honor. Whether Creon thinks of her as a traitor or not, Antigone knew the gods would reserve their judgment in favor of her. She never once regrets burying her brother which makes her character all the more admirable.

Although their personalities drifts down opposite paths, Creon’s background is much like Antigone’s. In the beginning of the play Creon characterizes himself as a loyal king, who wants to prove his worthiness to the people of Thebes. This illusion of himself allows the people to believe Creon is a heartfelt king with fair bonds. Along with Antigone, Creon also displays himself as a stubborn character. This side of him along with his love for power takes over his conscience and his true feelings towards all. When Creon realizes it was Antigone who had gone against his will, he becomes very inflexible towards her. Although, Antigone is blood related he did not go back on his word and change the rules for her. This decision not only has an impact on Antigone, but also Haimon, Creon’s son. Haimon implies his own suicide by stating the following- “Then she must die–But her death will cause another” (Sophocles, III- 119)

This open threat still has no effect on Creon’s decision towards Antigone’s punishment. Though he recalls his promise to the people, it seems as if he is completey blinded by his love for power. Creon absolutely isolates himself from the rest of the world and believes himself as being right all the time despite the circumstances. He strongly believes in a powerful kingdom and feels that everyone should dwell by his rules as a king. This reveals him to be a self centered noble who thinks quite highly of himself. Creon later regrets what he has done to his innocent niece. However, this sudden change of heart came about when Teiresias explained what would happen to him and his reputation if he did not undo his flaw. All these incidents leads one to believe that Creon transforms himself into tyrant and selfish.

The portray of love conquering all, is dramatized well in this play. Antigone wants to prove her love for Polyneices, therefore she buries him with honor. Yet, Creon wants to prove what a mighty ruler he is with pride, explaining the punishment given to Antigone. This is a vast difference between Antigone and Creon. Who is the moral one of them both? A barbaric king or a hopeful princess? Although they both share many of the same qualities, Creon is undoubtedly the tragic hero. Now the twist was presented in the play. Creon could not win against fate and all his pride and arrogance coils into one unhappily ever conclusion.

Although, Creon’s pride and morals did not get him anywhere, it exemplifies a lesson to be learned. It shows one cannot avoid fate. What happens in life is meant to happen by a higher power up above and unfortunately science cannot even explain. In spite of everything, Antigone’s character reveals how much she would do to prove her love for someone else. Yet absolute power does corrupt absolutely. Creon just did not realize this until it was too late.


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