How To Operate A Restaurant Computer Essay

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Many people line up to wait for a good dinner in a Chinese restaurant. While they are waiting patiently, the hostesses are busy greeting other customers and the waiters are busy serving others. To help the high efficiency of the service, the waiters use a computer to organize everything, such as drink orders, food orders, and checks. This computer which is simpler than other ones, is only used in a restaurant. To learn how to operate this computer, you don’t need any technical knowledge of computers. The equipment that you need includes the computer itself, a small screen similar to a TV screen that gives instructions which tell you what to do, and a small printer.

When all the equipment is properly set up, you can begin. First, you put your number into the computer; then you can begin the table. For example the hostess brings you two customers atatable six. At this moment, to begin the table, you pressthe button “t,” which stands for “table,” and number 6.After this, the computer asks you how many guests there are and you press2. Let’s assume you already took their orders. Now, you should press the menu button for orders. First, you press the drink button to get them some drinks.If they ordered two Cokes, you press the soft drinks button to get two Cokes. If they ordered two egg rolls, which are appetizers, you press the appetizer button to get them the egg rolls. After you have pressed the drinks and appetizer buttons, you press the “send in ” button, which will automatically send the order to the kitchen and bar; otherwise the cook and the bartender don”t know what you want.

When the customers are almost finished with their appetizers, you press in theat table again, and then press the menu button to order the main entrees for them. For example, if they have one order of sweet and sour pork and one order of Peking duck, you press the port button and the duck button. Don’t forget to press the “send in” button. If you press a wring order by accident, press the cancel button to void it.

After the customers have finished their dinner, you should press the check buttton for that table so the computer will print out the check. The check will have a list of all the food and drinks they ordered and the total on it. Through all these steps, you will find out that using a resaurant computer is quite simple, and fun too.

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