Describe Brighton As It Appears To Ida

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Brighton to Ida is a place

of enjoyment and for meeting new people. Brighton is very crowded and busy

because of the Whitsun holiday. Ida feels very at home and likes the atmosphere

in Brighton. Since Ida is from London and bored of the way of life there she

wants to enjoy and make a day of it in Brighton. Brighton is a very colourful

and lively place in Idas’ eyes. ‘Ida went to the window and looked out and saw

the only Brighton she knew,’ Ida sees only the enjoyment and the pleasure of

Brighton not the gang warfare, crime and poverty. Ida wants to make the most

out of her trip to and see all the attractions and enjoy herself to the

extreme. ‘I life to make a real day of it,’ Ida says that when she has the

opportunity to have an exciting time she enjoys herself to the extreme. Ida

enjoys going to pubs and getting drunk and meeting people. ‘ People poured into

Brighton,’ this give us the picture that Brighton is very crowd and busy.Ida is a very fleshy and

attractive woman. ‘Big body,’ Ida has a large body and also plump. ‘Her

lipstick,’ Ida wears makeup, which shows us that she is voluptuous quiet

attractive and also cares about her looks. ‘Women was singing,’ Ida is a very

cheerful and gregarious women who always enjoys herself. ‘You thought of

sucking babies,’ Ida has a presence of security and safety because of her

personality and appearance. Ida is like a mother which makes Fred Hale feel

safe. ‘Big breasts,’ Ida has big breasts that make her very attractive. Ida is

very sexually attractive to men. ‘Friends,’ Ida calls the whole crowd as if all

of them are her friends. Ida is very flirtatious and enjoys socialising with

men. ‘Have a Bass on me,’ Ida shows she is very generous when she offers to buy

Fred Hale a drink. ‘You could do him a ham sandwich, couldn’t you Bell,’ Ida is very

caring and sympathetic because she asks the barman to make a ham sandwich for

Fred Hale because he is hungry. ‘ Not the funny part,’ Ida is laughing at the

fact that her bag has been stolen and that all her love letters from Tom are in

the bag. ‘Laugh again,’ Ida has just realised that her friends were the people

who stole her bag. She laughs at herself and jokes about her misfortune. ‘Only ten bob,’ Ida does not take money seriously and so

she does not worry about the money that has been stolen from her. This is a

paradox because she does not take things seriously but takes the killing of

Fred Hale very seriously.? ??????????? Ida

thinks that life only happens once and there is no after-life. She believes

that life is the most important thing in the world. ‘Life was so important,’ to

Ida life is too precious and so you should enjoy it to the extreme because it

only come once. This is why she enjoys herself as often as possible. ‘ Death

shocked her,’ Ida is very frightened of death because that means it is the end

of life which is full of enjoyment. ‘ Wasn’t religious,’ Ida is not religious

and is an atheist. ‘ Didn’t believe in heaven or hell,’ Ida does not believe

that there is an after-life and so she is scared of death. ‘ Ghosts, ouija

boards,’ Id is very superstitious and believes that once you die you become a

ghost. Id used an Oji board to help her investigate the peculiar death of Fred

Hale. ‘I believe in right and wrong,’ Id believes in right and wrong and so she

investigates Fred Hales’ death because it is not right.??????????? ‘

When I make a day of it, I like to make a real day of it,’ Ida wants enjoy

herself to the extreme when given the opportunity to do so. ‘ It’s fun to be

alive,’ Ida says that life is there to be enjoyed. She feels very strongly that

you enjoy life. ‘ Women was singing,’ Ida sings a lot and likes to be cheerful.

Ida symbolises all the masses of people who enjoy themselves in Brighton. ‘

Sticker,’ Ida is determined to enjoy herself in Brighton. Ida is a hedonist who

feels enjoyment is the only worthwhile thing in life.??????????? Since

Ida is very flirtatious and so she has had relationships with many men. Tom her

ex-husband has had been writing passionate and saucy love letters to her. ‘

Thrill,’ Ida says she won’t take Tom back because there is no excitement with

him now. Ida wants to relationships with new men to spice up her life. Ida has

also been tricked by Clarence into having sex with him by saying he was dying.

‘ Mother them,’ Ida says that she comforted Clarence because she felt sorry for

him. ‘ Didn’t fall for it the first time,’ Ida says that many men

have tricked her into having sex with them by saying they were dying. ‘ A Night

of Love,’ Ida is quite happy to have sex with men because she enjoys it and

wants to make the most out of life. ‘ Tell tales to your wife,’ Ida is quite

happy to commit adultery. She is not bothered if she has sex with married men.

She is very reliable because she won’t tell the wife that the husband have had

sex with her. ‘ Rely on her,’ Ida is very reliable and trustworthy because she

can keep secretes. ‘ Trust me, I know what a man likes,’ Ida shows that she is

very experienced with men and implies men like sex. ‘ Blushed, and plunged

deeper to embarrassment,’ Mr Corkery is a bit frightened because of Ida sexual

experience. He frightened because he might be able to handle having sex with

very a sexual woman. ‘ Don’t stop. Go back and round again,’ Ida enjoys kissing

Fred Hale and so she tells the driver to go for one more round. ‘ It’s natural.

It’s like breathing,’ Ida thinks love is the same as sex and so she says having

sex is like breathing.??????????? ‘

Like a blow,’ Ida is stunned and shocked to find out that Fred Hale is dead.

She feels a bit of guilt because he said that he was dying and she left him. ‘

Gentlemen,’ Ida is praising Fred Hale because she liked him and thought highly

of him. ‘ Queer.’ Ida feels that there is something strange About Fred Hales

and that she wants to find out what it was. ‘ Half a column,’ Ida is very sad

because Fred Hale own paper only gave him half a column. ‘ New Kolly Kibber,’

Ida feels that there is know respect for Fred Hale because there is already a

new Kolly Kibber. ‘Sounds strange,’ Ida is very suspicious of Fred Hales’ death

because it was regarded to be ‘natural’. ??????????? ??????????? Ida

believes that she must investigate Fred Hales’ death becomes his avenger. ‘

Sticker,’ Ida is very remorseless and perseveres to uphold what she is right

and wrong. Ida feels that revenge is fun and that you must see it through. ‘ I

just fetched him a Bass,’ after hearing what Rose said Ida is convinced that

the man who left the card at Snows was not Fred Hale.? Fred Hale said that he did not like Bass and so she realises that

there is something strange. ‘ They’d stolen the car,’ Ida shows she is a

’sticker’ by saying Pinkie stole the car he and Rose were riding in. This made

the police go with her to arrest Pinkie which led to Pinkie being killed and

Rose being saved. ??????????? ???????????


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