Compare And Contrast On Frost Essay Research

Compare And Contrast On Frost Essay, Research Paper

Compare and Contrast on RobertFrost Provide, Provide and PeterMeinke Advice to My Son

Robert Frost s Provide, Provide and Peter Meinke s Advice To My Son , these two poems deserve to be compared. Frost s Poem Provide, Provide uses language that is in a fairly straightforward and literal way and states the theme in the final lines. Peter Meinke s Advise to My Son ; conclude with a statement of them that is more difficult to apprehend, because it is made with figurative language and symbols. This difference will be readily apparent if you compare the final lines of Frost and Meinke in each poem.

Frost has a more harsh way of looking at life and giving advice about success and the future, while Meinke seems more nurturing about giving his advice as a father figure.

Frost Die early and avoid the fate or, if pre destined to die late make up your mind to die in state

My interpretation if this line is, Since everyone grows old and everyone dies, it is better to make the most of ones life, and die with pride, rather than bitter and alone. This is true but could Frost be a little human about it.

Meinke : As if each may be your last But at the same time, plan long range

A Father tries to tell his son how to spend his time, how to live his life to the fullest. To live each day as if it might be his last, and yet still plan for the future. This seems to me a not very harsh approach on giving advice.

Frost stanza Some have relied on what they knew, Others on being simply true. What worked for them might work for you . Here Frost is saying, it is up to you to provide for yourself and heirs. Where is the planning? Meinke stanza To be specific, between the peony and the rose here the speaker uses flower to represent beauty and joy, plant squash and and spinach, turnips and tomatoes the speaker is using vegetables to stand for planning ahead ands the seriousness of the purpose.

As for the last stanza Frost, Better to go down dignified with boughten friendship at your side, than none at all . I read into this as you can hire someone to hold you as you die. Is this how I want to see myself as a needy person having to buy a friend or lover to take care of me in my dying days. Mienke and always serve bread with your wine. But , son always serve wine. This line it took me a while to understand at first I thought of a religious thing but it came to me. Don t forget that life is more than eating, sleeping, getting up and working. It is your life, take time to enjoy it.

In conclusion I find poetry very difficult to understand with the wording and what the speaker is trying to convey. The above is just my interpretation of these two poems and everyone has a right to their opinion.


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