How The Beatles Changed Rock Music Essay

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How The Beatles Changed Rock Music

Rock music consists of many individual styles. Even though there is a

common spirit among all music groups, all music made by them are very different.

Rock music evolved in the 1950s and the early 1960s. At that time that Beatles

entered the world of music from Liverpool. Rock music was a large piece of the

centerpiece of a largely rebellious group of young people. Before the era of

the Beatles, Elvis Presley first took Rock ?n’ Roll to the public. Elvis

blended the black and white music influence to create this style of Rock ?n’

Roll. He commanded a large group of faithful fans. Elvis was the only singer

who was able to rival the Beatles. Even so, the Beatles admired his music and

were greatly influenced by him. The Beatles were pace setters. Their ensemble

were supplemented with solo guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, sitar,

and violins. They took advantage of the creative possibilities afforded by the

multiple track tape recording. They made rock music into music that were

produceable in studios but were not possible to produce in live performances.

They were the “Greatest show on Earth.” They were the biggest concert

draws on Earth. Their music and lyrics changed the lives of a generation and

the generation that followed. Rock ?n’ roll was a mixture of blues and country.

Its rhythm seemed to have an amazing power over young people that couldn’t be

understood by anyone born before 1940. John Lennon joined Paul McCartney, Pete

Best, and George Harrison to form the hottest group that was around at that time.

Their first hit music was the very well known song My Bonnie.

In 1962, Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best as the drummer and joined the

group on continuing their wonderful future. The sum of four talents had come

together and critical mass has been achieved when the Epstein published their


Their second single received much more attention from the public and

they were given an invitation to appear live on BBC. The Beatles moved quickly

to expand their national exposure in Britain with a pair of back to back

nationwide tours. By mid 1963, the Beatles had reached nationwide stardom in

England. Even the hairstyle of them became major trends at that time. They

held large concerts and performed at clubs. They became the hottest things on

the pop music scene in England.

They began as a modestly successful musician group and ended the year as

show business legends. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were named composers of

the year. They decided on a tour to United States in 1964 without knowing how

the Americans would react to the new type of music. Beatlemania hit New York on

February 7, 1964. Hundreds of people jammed at the airport. They performed

their first concert in America at CBS television’s 53rd street studio. The

concert was broadcast live and attracted the largest one night audience in the

history of television up to that time. The Beatles were described as a British

invasion by local and nationwide newspaper at that time. Their conquest of

America was still remembered as a major turning point in the history of rock ?n’

roll. Thanks to the Beatles, a large amount of opportunities were opened up to

new faces on the market. Many rock bands were able to follow in the footsteps

of the Beatles.

Once the Beatles opened up the market in the United States, this led to

further “invasions” of other British rock groups such as the Kinks and the

Rolling Stones. The 1960s rock scene has begun in February of 1964 when Bob

Dylan first met the Beatles. After that day, nothing in the music world would

ever be the same.


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