Daniel Boone Essay Research Paper Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone Essay, Research Paper

Daniel Boone was responsible for the exploration and settlement of Kentucky.

Daniel?s father was a weaver and blacksmith, and raised livestock in the country near

Reading, Pennsylvania. Daniel was born there on November 2, 1734. Daniel was a man

of the wild, an explorer of unmapped spaces, his boyhood was the perfect preparation.

HE cam e to know the Indians in the forest. Early on he was marking the habits of wild

things and bring them down with spears. he hunted with anything that he could find.

Sometime even using ruts of trees but also he was good at that. he could kills birds in

flight that way. When he was twelve he got his first rifle. It was given to him by his fater.

This was how his careeras a huntsman began. All throughout his live he was moving

around. His family didn?t like to be to crowded where they were. At the age of fifteen,

him and his family moved to the Yadkin Valley in North Carolina. This move took them

about one year. At the age of about nineteen he left his home where he lived with his

family. He was going on a military expedition in the French and Indian war. There he

would meet a man named John Finely, a hunter who had seen what was farter west. He

told story to Boone which got him dreaming of going out that way some day. After he

went back home he meet this girl that lived not to far from his father farm. Her name was

Rebecca Bryan soon after they got married. On May 1. 1769, Boone Finely, and four

other man started out to go west. In 1775 him and his friends began to clear the

Wilderness Road and in April they had an settlement in Boonesborough. IN 1788 Boone

moved to West Virginia. Ten years later he again heard the call of unknown land, this

time it was the Missouri regoin. He was moving on cause he thought that the land was

getting to crowed. This is were he would live out the rest of he days. At the age of 85 he

passed away. He was buried beside his wife in Missouri.


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