Al Gore

’s View On Abortion Essay, Research Paper

This article deals with Vice-President Al Gore?s view on abortion. Al Gore is a strong advocate of a women?s right to choose. He supports the Clinton administrations ask for a $35 million increase in federal funding of family-planning services. They also support a $4.5 million grant to fund security improvements for abortion clinics at risk of violence by pro-life activists. Al Gore believes in a woman?s right to free choice regarding the life already existing inside of her, that she has the right to choose between giving life and taking it away from the unborn child

According to the Roman Catholic Church, pro-choice is not a choice. It should in fact be rejected and we should all become pro-woman instead.

John Paul II states in his writing Crossing the Threshold of Hope, that for man the right to life is the fundamental right. The right to life means the right to be born and then continue to live until one?s natural end. What should be considered when a woman is pondering abortion is the fact that the life of an innocent and defenseless human being is at stake.

According to John Paul II, it is not possible to speak of the right to choose when a clear moral evil is involved and what is at stake is the commandment Do Not Kill!!!! John Paul II also states that there is no exception to this commandment; that a child conceived in any way in it?s mothers womb is a defenseless being waiting to be welcomed and helped and is never an unjust aggressor.

Philip Keane, S.S. states in his article Sexual Morality: A Catholic Perspective that one of the most significant facts about Roman Catholic moral theology is that it insists on the moral evil of abortion.

There are three exception-making distinctions that some respected Roman Catholic Moralists might make: (1) Some abortions are indirect results of other medical actions that are undertaken for very serious reasons affecting the mother?s health and life (2) Determining if and when fetal life is individually human with whether there is any time at which fetal life is quite clearly not individual, personal, human life. (3) Abortion is morally permissibly whenever there is a case in which the mother?s life will be lost if the abortion does not take place.

In Chapter 18 from Perspectives on Marriage it states that the church stands for life.

Human Life, even if weak and suffering, is always a splendid gift of God?s goodness.

Authorities who favor procured abortion must be condemned and forcefully rejected.

Any economic help given to programs that support abortion shall also be condemned and considered unjust.

Procreation is an end of marriage and abortion inhibits this.

Abortion is definitely a very sensitive and complicated topic. I agree with the Roam Catholic teaching that Abortion is not acceptable except in extreme circumstances which still is readily supported. I have never been in a situation for me to make a decision about abortion so it is very easy for me to say that I am against it but the truth is I don?t know how I would react if conception resulted from rape. Until I am faced with a situation, hopefully I will never be, I support the church?s opinions and teachings of abortion.


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