Socioculture Differences In Global Business Essay Research

Socioculture Differences In Global Business Essay, Research Paper

A Social SocialCultural Difference in Global Management How does one communicate in any given society whether foreign or familiar,if he or she does not understand or relate in the like? This question is one tobe taken very seriously when considering sociocultural factors affectinginternational business. The author of the text points out that it is virtuallyimpossible to speak of culture without implications of social affluences. Inorder for a business to succeed in a foreign environment they mustunderstand the wide spectrum of both societal and cultural differences bybecoming sensitive in these respects to different cultures unlike their own. Inorder to do this one must have factual knowledge of a culture and becomestudents of culture .(Ball & McCullouch,1996) Many corporations have proven repetitive success given their primary focusis growing socioculturally. Although there has been many adaptations tocultural differences. There has been some aspects of culture unfocused andhas caused problems within an organizational structure. Considering there are many sociocultural components that affect thebusiness structure aesthetics, attitudes and beliefs, religion, material culture,education and societal organization are facets of culture – to name few. Aneffective management would need to become sensitive to any, if not all, ofthese aspects. For as the author points out Europe- Disney is a prime exampleof this(Ball & MCulloch,1996). They should be very concerned about theirfinancial status within its operation in that the business has suffered greatlywith change . European culture , as many other cultures consider it to be aninsult to try and impose societal organization unlike their own. So, in thisDisney s production management must understand and become sensitive tothe way things are done in Europe rather than in the US. This is only one example of how sociolcultural influences can affect abusiness structure. Although Europe-Disney has failed in respects to understanding this culture and how they conduct business, its operation inother parts of the world has proven to be successful to cultural awareness andthen in turn business structure as a whole. Another way management can grow in a foreign environmental is to becomeeducated culturally. It is important for business people to fully educate andprepare , with factual knowledge of one s culture. For a point well taken, let sconsider the article on Eli Lilly & company published in the Personnel Journalout of Santa Monica. Respectfully, Eli Lilly and Company has maintained aGlobal presence since 1924. One of the reasons for international growth inoperations of this company is due largely in part to their concerns of supplying and developing the right people. By this, the company thrusts towardexpansion through its global management program. The company prides itselfon supplying both informal and formal education incentive programs for itsmanagement staff. In hopes that Management becomes culturally educatedand prepared to conduct business in their prospective target market areas, the

corporation has also set up a school in the town of its headquarters. Focusingon the global expansion , Vice President of Human Resources, Pedro Grandillofinds it necessary to also focus primarily on educating management staffthrough this education program so that the students are culturally able tocommunicate globally within the organization (Garten,p26). The company has been highly recognized for its global outlook . It hasexcelled in the area of sales of over 70% in the US where pharmaceutical salesare considered unpopular. The company s program has no borders. Whichmeans that in order for them to focus on expansions, they go through greatlengths to make sure that management is prepared and educated globally. This company is preparing to expand further through this program throughoutthe area of Asia pacific and Latin America. Keeping in mind the wide range of social and cultural influences on behaviorin a business structure, it is very important however to know and understandthe differences that make up a society other than our own. It would beimperative than to say that not only would it be pertinent to understand andbecome sensitive to another culture, but to also know how to create a commongrounds of expectation. John Brown CEO of British Petroleum Companybelieves that a concentrated effort to improve business would be to improve thecommunity through understanding culturally.(Garten,1998) In these effortshis company intends to expand through understanding the cultural diffences oftechnological development. The how and why of the way things are done inany culture is very important. He agrees that it could be impossible toincorporate one s own ideas but finding a balance is the bottomline (Garten,1998). Often times in business and in any mutual understanding of another itmay become difficult to become sensitive to another s culture by ignoring thesignifficance of one s own. However, if a business is able to incorporate hiscultural ideas and concepts as well as another he has met common grounds. Both cultures are respected. It would be then less likely for differences inculture to cause a problem with the structure of business. With respects to thedevelopment of technology, cultures are becoming more sensitive to the aspectof discovery. In this the author points out very importance of material cultureas well as aesthetics. Different cultures like to recognized for their contributionof distinction in history. Beauty in the eye of the beholder. Thiscolloquiolism is so very true when trying to meet a common grounds byunderstanding one s material cultrue and aestetics. For example, the authorpoints out that black is the color of morning in the United States and Mexicoand Purple in Brazil. So then perhaps it would be an insult to enhance blackand white colors for a funeral home in Brazil. There are many environmental factors that may influence the structureof business. With society and culture as one the greatest influences ofbehavior, it would be almost considered an unwise business decision to tryand conduct business in a foreign enviroment without the knowledge, respectand openness to expand through cultural and social awarness. There has beenmany companies that have supassed this vital element and many that havemastered it.



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