The Bass Guitar Essay Research Paper The

The Bass Guitar Essay, Research Paper

The Bass Guitar

In the early stages of the bass guitar the bassist were known to be musically challenged so they played on four strings because they could not play on five or six strings. Leo Fender whose company was just five years old invented the early bass in 1951. The bass which is now one of the most popular instruments has made the bassist some of the most enjoyed people in the world, not only because the music sounds good but because they can hit a good beat, and nice tone. Some of the most prominent bassist didn’t even want to play the bass, according to popular belief the bassist was the fat guy who stood in back. (Leach2)

In the history of the bass there has been many up grades, and now the bassist can play on five and six strings. There are many different makers and types of the bass now days. Some of the makers of the bass are Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Danelectro, Schector, Fernandez, Yamaha, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, and Guild. The bass guitar has been used for many different tasks, to make a great beat and different tone. With the four, five, and six strings, it now has a universal use in the 21st century. Now the fat guy in back playing the bass is always the cool guy who dances around in back and has more fun playing his songs than anyone else is on the band. The bass not only adds tone and beat but now funk and excitement.

Wynne 2

Born in 1942 one of the most prominent songwriters and composers in history, Paul McCartny was one of the world famous Beatles. He was born in the northern part of the UK and started out in 1957 with the rest of the Beatles as the Quarrymen, who soon became Johnny and the Moondogs, in 1960 they became the Silver Beatles before in 1964 they dropped the Silver and became the Notable ‘Beatles’. The song “Yesterday” by the Beatles was played on American radios over 6 millions times making it the most played record in the history of music it stills holds that record after 35 years and a new style of music. The Beatles put their first ever singles out with “Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You” topping the charts at #1 for an unprecedented 30 weeks straight. In 1964 they went on to become the most popular band in history and still hold that throne to the 21st century. But tensions arose in 1969 when the rest of the Beatles out voted Paul with his idea of his new father in-law being the producer for the band. More tension arose when the rumor of Paul being dead and the person singing was a look-alike.

McCartny made his solo debut in 1970 with his self-titled album “McCartny” after the heartbreaking break up of the Beatles. With his wife Lynda he formed the band “WINGS” which was disbanded in 1981. The album “Mull of Kintyre” became the UK’s hottest selling album in 1977 (2.5 million sold). Later McCartny made his run at a comeback in 1997 with “Flaming Pie”. “Ebony and Ivory” recorded with Stevie Wonder, was international hit of the year in 1982. He also recorded “Say, Say, Say” and “The Girl Is Mine” with Michael Jackson. Paul Made the Guinness Book of Records for the largest paid attendance at a concert in Rio de Janeiro in 1990, in attendance were 184,000 people.

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While McCartny was an influential bass player mainly because of his fame as a Beatle, Jaco Pastorius became famous solely because of his great talent as a bassist. Jaco born in 1951 when the bass was first made became one of the biggest contributors to the bass’s success became known as “The world’s best bass player.” Jaco began as a drummer, but due to a football related injury was unable to play the drums. Jaco had minimal use and flexibility he was afraid his career was over. But a friend who knew about Jaco and his great musical talent called him and offered a bass guitar gig. Thanks to his great since of rhythm Jaco and his career took of. According to Jeff Leach in his article how the bass came to prominence. Jaco is a phenomenon. He is able to make sounds on the bass that totals upraise to the sensibilities, Not only single notes, but chords, harmonics, and all sorts of nuances with the color of the instrument that combined and translated through. Jaco makes some of the best music that I have heard in a long time. (Leach3)

Although Jaco was known as one of the greatest musicians of all times he had problems. A manic-depressive alcoholic, he died at age thirty-five in a bar fight. One only could imagine what he could have done for the music world and the history of the bass if things could have been different in his life.

Thanks to the extraordinary talent and individuality of these artists the bass is one of the most exciting and fun instruments ever. These artists have brought the bass to the top and we thank them for their efforts.


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