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School Uniform Essay Research Paper Should Schools

School Uniform Essay, Research Paper

Should Schools Have Uniforms Or Not?

What s the big deal? Don t most students dress the same anyways, so should schools have uniform or not? School uniforms are necessary. There are two sides to this argument and a definite result. Some people say that school uniform is pointless.

School uniform are unnecessary. School violence is a real problem that cannot be affected by clothing. A child who wants to bring a gun to school and harm others will find a way to do so. Uniforms are no quick fix; in fact, there is no quick fix. Another thing is the cost efficiency. Uniforms would be no cheaper for parents and students. Actually, most students would still purchase the same amount of clothes for non-school hours and would have to purchase the uniforms in addition. Furthermore, uniforms would not raise students’ self esteem or abolish social classes. In addition, students should not be forced to wear uniforms to school. Standard uniforms can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and restricting. They abuse students’ right of self-expression and can remove them of their search for identity. Uniforms could be seen as a useless and unnecessary show of government power. Instead of forcing taxpayers’ to spend more money on children’s clothes, why not deal with balancing the national finances or welfare?

The reasons for not having uniforms in schools are useless. Uniforms may be the answer to all violence problems, whether it s the fact that a child is carrying a gun to school or that gangs are wearing specific colors or symbols on their clothes. Uniforms would also save students and parents tremendous amounts of money. However, if some are still unable to afford uniforms, there is financial aid available for those families in need. Uniforms are said to help erase cultural and economic differences among the students. It would provide a very good view

of the community overall. It would show unity and therefore, students would not be judged by others by what they’re wearing, and thus there would be no difference between the rich and the poor. Furthermore, uniforms would insist on some kind of strict rules with respect to how young people are ought to look and therefore behave. In addition, it helps students show their qualities through other ways than clothing. Some also feel that it would help students feel more confident about themselves because they would not feel the pressure of fitting in due to what they wear. You will also sleep later in the morning because you would not have to wake up really to pick out what you are going to wear. Uniforms could raise more money for the school itself for more important things, which would improve the academic standards and school s environment leading to improving the student s achievements. Having uniform in schools could lead to remarkable results.

The consequences of wearing uniforms in schools will end up in outstanding results. Uniforms would improve attendance, academic performance, and school spirit. It would teach students discipline and courage. It will put an end to school violence. They will also save parents and students great amount of money. In addition, it would make each one feel that they are in a particular community that there would not be any judges of what they are wearing. Last but not least, it will help students to resist peer pressure and concentrate on schoolwork. If taking the focus of the distractions, such as clothing, it will affect the learning capabilities of the students.

In conclusion, yes schools should have uniforms. Even though there are two sides to this argument, it is obvious that the results favor the presence of school uniforms. In my opinion, I think that schools should have uniforms. Uniforms would provide one, peaceful and a happy community in schools.