Why Human Cloning Essay Research Paper Society

Why Human Cloning? Essay, Research Paper

Society uses technological benefits as gateways into the realm of the future.

Through this, we are lead to a serious debate on morality vs. technology; that of placing a

ban on human cloning. Many look at this amazing new innovation in science from a

religious point of view, and declare it morally wrong. They say it is “playing God”.

Others fear it will lose control and anything could happen from that point. Although

opponents to cloning fear possible uses and the moral issues involved, placing a ban on the

inevitable cloning of humans will not only result in underground, secretive cloning

operations, but will also hinder mankind in developing medical breakthroughs, helping

those in need of vital organs, and hold our race back in the process of learning and


Human cloning is accomplished through a field of science known as “eugenics”.

Those in protest claim this study is morally unacceptable and should be ended right away.

However, almost all these arguments which are based on religious morality amount to

little more than a reformation of the old saying, “If God had meant for man to fly, he

would have given us wings”. Does that mean aviation was not meant to be invented and is

not worth having? Certainly not, and the same applies to human cloning which has an

abundance of medical benefits. This is all not unlike the story of Charles Darwin. At first,

society rejects an outrageous idea, then adopts it. It is typical human nature to react as we

are to any shocking new concept such as this one. After all, if technological advances are

going to be discarded, the human race might as well be one large Amish community, as it

attempts to hold back evolution.

It is feared that once scientists achieve the knowledge to clone humans, their

studies will be rushed and cloning could get out of control, perhaps resulting in a social

holocaust. This is definitely not the case. The correct steps will be applied in order to

make sure that no important components are missed and all possible outcomes will be

considered with care*. “The hard data must be be examined carefully, and the results

must be repeatable”*explains Ward Kischer, a Ph. D. and chairman of the American

Bioethics Advisory Commission. **should phd be mentioned?**A cautious approach is

being taken and issues concerning morality are thoroughly monitored*.

The numerous medical benefits that human cloning could bring about is incredible.

Bodily rejection of donated organs occurs when they are not matched genetically close

enough to that of the recipient*. “Cloned organs would be perfect genetic matches so the

risk of rejection would be eliminated”*. This is a great advantage considering that a

person in need of any organs would not have go through a strenuous waiting process for

the right match, which sometimes can result in death. In addition, complete humans

would not have to be cloned for the purpose of acquiring vital body parts. “Selective

organ cloning will prevent the waste of whole body cloning just for organs”*. It just does

not make sense to reject all the medical possibilities that this scientific breakthrough


In addition, an immense amount of knowledge could be gained in the field of

medicine. The study of cloning can give scientists deep insights into such puzzles as spinal

cords, heart muscle and brain tissue that will not regenerate after injury, and cancer cells

that multiply uncontrollably once the embryonic stage is reached*. If society chooses to

encourage eugenics, mankind will eventually be able to right the faults that nature has

inflicted **him with**

Humanity is already nearer to having an eugenically engineered society than has

yet been recognized. Cosmetic surgery that can transform a person’s body, if not his or

her entire mind, is now routine; as are organ transplants. The same goes for “designer

babies”. For example, black mothers have given birth to white babies on several occasions

and **i don’t know what the word is** couples can now have children, all through the

works of artificial insemination. Also, babies are seldom brought to term if they have any

type of disorder or are infected with a genetically inherited disease. Advances in eugenics

have only helped mankind in pushing forward to a greater civilization, a more perfect


When new innovations in science are not encouraged but prohibited, they

inevitably change into an undercover procedure. Human cloning is already prohibited in

Britain and likely soon here in Canada as a result of new legislation held before the

Commons*. If this happens, then it will develop into a secretive, reckless operation where

the possibilities are as endless as they are dreadful: human hybrids, clone armies, slave

hatcheries, and who knows what else. The International Cloning Society

expressed**(s)**: “There’s absolutely no way any regulatory body is going to prevent the

inevitable from happening”*. It is far more reliable to take an open, embraced approach

and keep circumstances under more restrain and authority than risk a lesser-controlled


The greatest threat to the entire subject of human cloning comes from the

impulsive, panic driven, reactionary forces in society. The worst thing we, as a nation,

could do is to push the process offshore or underground. In such an event, God only

knows what may occur. In short, the entire subject of human cloning must be kept up-

front and in the open. When all is said and done, civilization will need to accept the

inevitability of human cloning, and thereby expend all energy into keeping it carefully

managed. Since there are so very many medical advantages that cloning has to offer, the

chance to embrace such an aid to the well-being of humanity cannot be neglected. Indeed,

in the future, people will come to realize that there are a considerable number of situations

where human cloning will not only be acceptable, but even desirable.


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