Religion Vs Science Essay Research Paper Religion

Religion Vs. Science Essay, Research Paper

Religion vs. Science

Since the beginning of time there have been many explanations for situations that seem out of human control. In recent history, religious and scientific ideas have often contrary one another. Religious ideas are presented first and then scientific evidence comes together to challenge religious beliefs. These discoveries of science are met with disbelief and most are considered false.

From the Middle Ages and to around the 18th century, religious ideas were the most accepted way of explaining the unexplainable. During the next couple hundred years, many members of the scientific world came up with new ways of dealing with the unanswered questions. When the church had the greatest power, scientists were viewed as the “bad guys.” In most cases it was safer to believe in the church and their ideas, in order not to be excommunicated or ignored by society, than to place their trust in “crazy” scientists. As a result, many conflicts arose between the church and science.

Throughout history some of the church’s views were completely wrong, yet they were believed to be the truth and therefore went not questioned for hundreds of years. Even if a scientist sets out to prove the church wrong and came up with some very strong evidence contrary to the church, he was usually ignored and his ideas ridiculed publicly. It is not until many people have similar evidence and discoveries that they gain any trust with normal people and the church.

If a scientific view is false, then by continuing study and research the truth may be

arrived at. If no one presented new ideas, then intelligent thought would have no place in a

society like that.

Each society, church, scientist believes that their ideas are correct and therefore are the best of the world. It is true that each country has different customs, and beliefs on how life works and what are the best possible things to believe in. In some cases, nations try to

push those beliefs on other nations. This results in a push for new scientific research and other religious and philosophical beliefs of that country, to combat the ideas that

are being pushed on them. In both cases there is a constant accumulation of new information.

Thus, development in understanding and the opportunity for new ideas, are

Achieved, the Bible is for some people the truth. In extreme cases, they take the Bible literally and do not listen to any arguments of science. The views in the Bible, especially on creation, had been the predominate way of thinking about how the Earth and humans were formed. Most religions believe that God created Adam and Eve. For the most part of history, this is what people believed. They had no notion of evolution. This belief that

God created man out of the dust of the earth and Eve from one of Adam’s ribs, was the way that religion put the formation of man. Until evolution came around, people believed their religion because they did not have a better answer. Even in today’s world there are religions that take the Bible literally and believe in God’s creation, not evolution. The cause for so much questioning over who has the correct answer comes from that there is not one single idea that has been proven. Until that day, there will always be a constant attempt to find the right answer with the best proof.

If there were no conflict on issues, there would be no gaining of new information. There would be no progress in either scientific understanding or a growth of the spirituality of man. Lifeless could be the terms used to express such societies that do not question and argue.

It is true that some scientific argument and religion have caused wars or other acts of hate. If people did not try to advance their scientific views, then no progress could be made in the fields of biology, psychology or any other field of science.

On the other hand, if there were no arguments or conflicting views the world might be a happier and less angry place to live. On the downside of this, there would be no reason to stimulate the mind and intellect. Technological advances would come to a stop because no one wants to argue their new and different ideas. Religion has held the upper hand in ways of thinking about the unexplainable. It has been that way until the 18th century when views on society were presented by great philosophers. In all cases religious beliefs superseded these new, radical views. It was not until they had enough scientific evidence and popular support did they gain any recognition in a society dominated by religion. The men and women of science were considered the “bad guys,” yet they continued to press their ideas until people took notice of them and realized that they may have some truth. These conflicts between religion and science are necessary if society wants to remain intellectually active.



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