Science Vs Religion Essay Research Paper SCIENCE

Science Vs. Religion Essay, Research Paper


One of the most important dichotomies that make us stop to think is religion and science. A dichotomy that started in the renaissance, a period when people started questioning, looking to other horizons, other than religion. Before this period the church held back all previous writings that compromised the power of the church. Knowledge in science was set free. Now people learned and questioned biology, astronomy, medicine, physics, chemistry, and also the views of early Christianity then rejected by the church were released.

Since then religion and science have confronted each other views trying to answer the questions of nature, life, and death. We can say that science is ahead of religion in the since it provides proof of what it achieves. Religion is more based on faith, morals and beliefs, which are not very useful for skeptic people.

Abortion, cloning, sexual protection among others are some of the most important dichotomies that shape our lives in our societies. In the end everyone argues to their own believes and morals.

Dichotomies do not change, what changes is opinion from person to person but dichotomies remain. Many people for example think that cloning is bad, or at least morally wrong. They might support by saying that humans should not play the role of God, and that there is no life in a genetically engineered human being . Medicine and genetic engineers believe that it can help the human race and we can learn a lot from it.. The only fact is that in the end everyone has an opinion that they make up for themselves. Sometime ago I read that genetic engineers wanted to create humans without heads for the purpose to provide organs for the sick, but is this morally right? Is it right to create a living thing without name or love?

Our societies have seen some interesting changes throughout time, from the wheel, electricity, and it takes time to socially accept issues like cloning because we don t feel ready to make that sort of decision, but the probabilities are that years from now cloning will be accepted and used to irradicate illnesses, make the perfect being, which I m sure will happen. Now with this new technology many are in the race to design the perfect genetic being, and there are those who say that this new technology will unleash new frontiers for us. Religion however offers a different view. It teaches about God, Christianity, morals, laws of God, about things that we don t get to see in this life which is probably the reason that most people are based on ht e scientific part of the world, however people still need the word of God with them to give them hope and faith in a world growing more and more materialistic with time.

Religion is surely one of the most attacking societies in the world and it is very clear because they attack the use of birth-control devices invented by o the need of protection in a desperate attempt to stop sexually transmitted diseases which are lethal like AIDS. Religious do not believe in the use of protection because it isn t natural, but the truth is that the rapid growth of the diseases takes human life everyday that passes by. One can clearly see that people everyday are using more and more birth control devices to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted child.

Today one of the most interesting frictions between science and religion is that science fight death, to avoid it or retard it. Religion tells us how to cope with it, but in the end neither one helps.

Society today I think that is divided 50-50 among both science and religion, and the fact is that we live with both everyday, and they both shape our life everyday that passes by.


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