Persuasive Paper On Why Your Mom Should

Get You And A Family Member Seperate Cars Essay, Research Paper

I want you to take a moment and imagine this? Your sitting at home watching television and the phone rings. It?s an officer, and he slowly begins to tell you that “Rachel” and I have been in a car accident. I?m in intensive care, and “Rachel” will be released to go home with you after her X-rays. When you finally get to talk to “Rachel”, she explains to you that we had been arguing and she lost focus on the road. This could have cost my life. We need separate cars!

You know better then anyone that “Rachel” and I are like cats and dogs when it comes to getting along. That?s one main reason why we need separate cars. It?s too often that we fight about who gets to take the car. There have been several incidents that I was actually scared because “Rachel” and I had been arguing and she wasn?t paying attention to the road. For example, one time I was wearing “Rachel’s” shirt to school and when she picked me up she started yelling at me and swerved into the other lane. This could be hazardous.

As I look back on the time before I had my license, I remember how excited you were that I was actually getting my own license so you wouldn?t have to be my taxi anymore. Mom, nothing has changed! I?m still constantly asking you to run me all over town because we only have one car. Lets face it, “Rachel” and I are two different people, that need to be in two different places, so we need two different cars.

Just because you had two children at the same time doesn?t mean one should have to suffer. “Rachel” or myself often have to go without a car because we only have one and the other sister has it. This has happened to me a lot! For example, last week when I needed to go to the mall to buy a shirt, I couldn?t because “Rachel” had the car at work. Your main reasoning for only getting us one car was to save money. The car that we finally chose was not as expensive as you had planned on so we saved money there. With the money that you saved, we could very easily and affordably purchase a new, cheap car. This just proves that this additional car is within our budget.

I?m going crazy having to find rides all the time because “Rachel” has the car. I know you are too by having to drop everything and run me somewhere. I?m offering to help buy an additional car to save both of us! How can you say no to this? I?m not asking for a mustang, just a decent little car that will get me where I need to go.

I know I?m asking a huge request but an additional car is an essential! I?m not sure how much longer we can go with only one car. Please consider this with all your heart. Getting us separate cars is the right thing to do!


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