Women And The World Essay Research Paper

Women And The World Essay, Research Paper

Women and the World I am a girl. Yes, I know it is shocking for me to admit it but it is true. I am not aman, but a girl. A woman. A person who is capable of doing anything she wishes.Someone who is not limited by the boundary of gender, but by the boundary of the mind.A human being who is tired of being told that things are impossible. That I can’t be what Iwant. Because I am a girl. It seems like no matter what a woman does in this world, she can’t win. If she ismeek and shy, she is thought of as not being capable to do anything. Be the cause, not theeffect is what my father tells me. However, if a woman is aggressive, she is made fun ofeven more. Not only will men look down an her, make cat noises at her, and call herunpronounceable names, but other women will look down on her as well. They will see heras a traitor to them. Someone who wants to be like the men and isn’t satisfied with whatshe has. It is a no win situation. A woman in the workplace will have to fight to get any kind of respect. Eventhough this may be an age where there appears to be equality, human nature can’t bechanged. It wasn’t that long ago when a woman’s place was in the kitchen, barefoot andpregnant. That is still thought to be her place today. Of course, no one will admit that iswhat they think, but it is true. Men think it all the time, Whenever a woman speaks hermind at a board meeting or orders her employees to do something, that thought runsthrough their minds. They love women of course. Women are nice to look at. They smellsweetly of perfume. They wear beautiful clothes. But the men feel, either consciously orsubconsciously, women have no right telling them what to do. This feeling of resentment men have for the working woman is very simple to see.it can be traced to the jobs assigned to each when time began. Men were the hunters. Itwas their job to provide for their family. The men liked to hunt. They truly enjoyed

spending their day in the woods, following the trail of the elusive animal they had chosenas their target. They were good at it too. Men felt the best at the end of the day, draggingtheir kill back to the cave, delighting their eagerly waiting wives with all they hadaccomplished. Or so the men thought. The women would watch their husbands go into thewoods everyday. She would tell him good luck, that she hoped he would catch dinner, buther thought would be elsewhere. The women worked harder than the men did, caring forchildren, washing the clothes, and cleaning the cave. The last thing she wanted to do at theend of her hard day was cook the meat her husband had brought back. After many years ofstaying home, the women had a plan. Why couldn’t they go and hunt while the men stayedhome with the children. So the next day, the women did go out to hunt. And they werequite good at it. So from that day on, the women decided to hunt as well. alongside themen. They would lobby for day care, equal pay, and maternity leave. And the men werevery resentful. they felt the women had no right taking jobs in the woods. They were alsoscared, for their wives were better hunters then they were. This story can very easily beapplied to today. Just replace the arrows with computers, and loin cloth with three piecesuits and you have a typical office building. Only one question remains. What are we, as women, supposed to do about thisresentment men feel towards us? The answer is nothing. We can’t change what peoplethink. The only thing we can do is keep working, and not let men chase us out of theworkplace. If we are doing good a job and enjoy what we do, why should we stop? Notbecause someone else wants us too. The only time we should stop working is if we want tostop. No one, man or woman, should let another person dictate their life to them. Only youknow what you want and what is best for you. and until the person next to you develops anability to read minds, don’t stop doing what you want. Even then it shouldn’t matter whatothers think as long as you are happy.


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