Nile River Essay Research Paper The Value

Nile River Essay, Research Paper

The Value of the Nile

These people set an economic base for the development of our civilization. It also provided another base towards the hunting for food, and fishing to survive in the dry arid climate of ancient Egypt.

The Ancient People of Egypt were dependent on their natural resources to survive in the dry climate. They were mostly very dependent on the climate as well as their natural resources to produce their food and crops. The development of the Egyptian civilization was the Nile River. It was considered to be the The bringer of food, rich in provisions, creator of all good, lord of majesty, sweet of fragrance. The Nile begins in the Heart of Africa and courses northward for thousands of miles . Its banks are fertile and capable of producing abundant harvests. What made Egyptian life possible was its annual flooding. The river rose in the summer from the rains in central Africa and would leave a deposit of silt that created an area of rich soil .These people of Egypt were raising crops of wheat, barley, lentils, chick peas, capers, and dates. As these people were starting a new evolution to continue the life for mankind, the Nile River supported these people to adapt to their surroundings. The land that the Ancient Egyptian people lived on was sand dunes and small river beds. They only receive rain once every fifteen years. Ancient Egyptian people grew great crops when the Nile would overflow its banks, flooding the surrounding areas and depositing a layer of rich silt. As crops began to have a high demand the Egyptians began to hunt for food, like Gazelles, wild cattle, hartebeest, and hippos. During the summers in Ancient Egypt the floodplain sites had to be abandoned when the river rose and began to wash their places out. No one really knows where these ancient people went but when August and September would come around the cycle would begin all over again. When the river would slowly lower the high dunes ponds would catch stranded catfish which made an excellent source of food for these people. The sites that the people lived in was extremely dry and for these ancient people to be nomads and leave this rich land that they established great crops on was extremely debatable. The discoveries in the Nile Valley suggest that they had a serious challenge of how their food production was, due to environmental stress and population pressure. The prime time for the ancient people of Egypt to harvest their crops was during December and January where they stayed on the high dunes. The regularity of the Nile floods and the relative isolation of the Egyptians created a sense of security and a feeling of changlessness. The surpluses of food that the Egyptian farmers grew in fertile Nile valley made Egypt very prosperous. The Nile was also the fastest way to travel through the land, making both transportation and communication easier.

Egypt produced a culture that had advanced technical achivements. They built beautiful and dazzling pyramids. The construction of the pyramids demonstrated a measure of advanced skill. The great achivements of the pyramids occurred in the time of the old kingdom. The pyramids were built or stone slabs that took 100,000 Egyptians to build in twenty years. What makes the the Egyptians very resourceful was their way of getting the stone slabs. The Egyptians would float huge stone slabs down the Nile River. So the used the natural river to establish these great pyramids. The large stones fit so closely side by side that a hair could not be pushed between the joints of them. These large stones were took lots of people to move them to their final resting place.

The course of events that happed during the time of the ancient Egyptians mostly focused on how the environment had a direct impact on how these people settled. The Ancient Egyptians need the Nile river to survive. Their need for food and plantation of crop depended on the Nile River. The river was considered to be a miracle to the Egyptians. The importance of the river had a direct impact on how their pyramid would be built if they were going to need stones to build them.

The Egptian civilization was a very interesting because of their dedication and advance skill of their day. They were very sophisticated people of their time and still today they would be considered to have a high knowledge on how they built their pyramids for their kings. Without the Nile River it would have been hard if not impossible for this early civilization to exist.


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