Cults Essay Research Paper Cult s Reaction

Cults Essay, Research Paper

Cult s Reaction Paper

There are many types of cults in the world, cults are everywhere but you just do not see them. Brainwashing is the main technique being used in cult obedience. It is a process of deliberately subjecting people to physical and psychological hardship in order to alter their thoughts and attitudes, and actions. It then aids in the process of totally cleaning a mind of one set idea and replacing them by another thought or belief. Cults are supposedly attempts to help people cope with their perceived problems with social interaction. Cults mainly target people who are having problems in their lives.

Personally, I don t think it is right for leaders of cults to use the brainwash technique. It is wrong. The leader usually tells the people false purposes of the cults. These people are confused and vulnerable and need proper guidance. People should not be treated as toys. They are not someone who you can play or command them to do things. I really cannot think of a way to prevent cults. Perhaps, parents should keep a closer watch on their children s behavior. Secondly, the person should become involved in extracurricular activities where there mind is busy and they are being occupies. It is really hard to believe that there are people who can actually play with other people s minds, as well as making them involve in delinquent behavior. People that have the ability of brainwashing should use these gifts for good. Another way to prevent this is to have more information about cults made known to people. Such as the disadvantages of cults and show some acts of some present cults. I find that the main purpose is to show no matter what position is to show no matter what position you are poor, middle, or rich class- that everyone can be involved in one. All of us could be tricked and as been proven several times. Like the studies of Asch and Miligram. As well as the woman who were involved in Charles Manson,


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