Childhood Toys Essay Research Paper Wham bang

Childhood Toys Essay, Research Paper

Wham, bang, hay-ya! Those were probably the kinds of sounds you might have heard if you passed by my room as a child. All of those greatly preformed sound effects came from none other than myself, unless I had a friends help who was of course only allowed to be the villain in whichever toys we were playing. I guess this interests me now because I can realize as an adult just how much watching certain shows, having certain toys, and playing certain games have had a part in shaping the person I am today. I can remember when I was the ring bearer at my aunt’s wedding, no more than five or six years old, and being caught on camera talking to my watch in the back of the church. “Everything’s ok here KIT, it’s all-clear”, is what I was saying. No, I wasn’t a disturbed child. I was imitating Michael Night, the normal guy with the not so normal talking car, who always saved the day on the show NightRider. GI Joe, He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles……I’ve been all of them (Or in my mind anyway). Also, like most kids, I probably could of single handedly kept up one of those toy makers with all of my purchases. I have to wonder though, if I hadn’t watched these shows and played these games, if I would be the same person I am today. Even today, maybe if people didn’t grow up watching Superman, Batman, the Hulk…….we wouldn’t have people who are as courageous as the firefighters and police we have at the World Trade Center right now. After all, selflessness and courage are traits, which cannot be taught through an academy, they are things instilled in you from your childhood years. Possibly the years you were watching the “Caped Crusader” fight for good. I’m happy to have those memories, and maybe they are part of the reason I have wanted to be a police officer. Maybe we should think before we say no to our children next time the want that action figure at the toy store, who knows, it might be the reason they save somebodys life one day. This essay could have obviously taken a philosophical turn about violent TV and toys for our children today, but this is simply a memory and a thought back, like all of us do now and then, about how our lives might be different if we hadn’t done certain seemingly small things.


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