Arab Israeli Conflict Essay Research Paper The

Arab Israeli Conflict Essay, Research Paper

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli conflict has gone on for

many years. There have been many wars,

terrorist attacks and peace treaties between

Israel and the Arab countries. Through war

and Treaties Israel has gained and lost alot

of land. There have been 4 major wars

between Israel and The Arab countries, as

well as terrorist attacks. The reason for

many of these attacks include land, claim of

the country and anti-semitisem. Israel which

is only 8,000 square miles is on the

Mediterranean sea which is very good for its

ports which are good for shipping and trade.

The first of the wars involving the Arabs and

the Israelis was the First Palestinian War

which took place between 1947 and 1949. It

was a civil war between the Palestinian

Jews and the Arabs.The Jewish military

group, Haganah dominated in the war and

came out victorious. In 1948 The United

Nations declared Israel a free state. The

next of the wars was the Suez Sinai War.

This war began October 29, 1956 after

Syria, Egypt and Jordan announced that the

would join forces under Egypts commander

in chief. Israel came out victorious in that war

as well and captured The Sinai Peninsula

which belonged to Egypt and The Gaza Strip

which belonged to Jordan. Israel wasn t

aloud to use the Suez Canal which belonged

to Egypt. The next war was the Six Day War

which ended the ten years of peace between

the countries. The Six Day War started June

5th 1967,when Israel bombed Egyptian,

Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi airfields

destroying more than four hundred

airplanes. By June 8th Israel had stoped

fighting with Egypt, Jordan and Iraq and

started Fighting with the Syrians. Syria had

shelled northern Israel, but Israel captured

the Golan Heights from Syria and the West

Bank From Jordan. The war was over June

10th when the United Nations negotiated a

cease-fire between the countries. The Yom

Kippur War started October 6th 1973. It is

Called the Yom Kippur War because It

started on Yom Kippur the holiest day on the

Jewish calendar. It was led by Egypt and

Syria attacking Israeli solders. Israel was

caught off guard because it was the holiday.

The war destroyed many things. The Arabs

lost approximate 2000 tanks and 500

airplanes. Israel lost over 800 tanks and 100

airplanes. The war cost over 7 billion

American dollars in material losses. It was a

major loss to all the countries involved. In

1979 the Arab Israeli conflict took a turn for

the good when Israel and Egypt Signed a

peace treaty at Camp David. The treaty was

a trade that Israel would Give Egypt The

Sinai Peninsula and Egypt would have

peace with Israel. In 1994 Yitzhak Rabin

Prime Minister of Israel and Yasser Arifat

head Of the Palestine Liberation

Organization signed a peace treaty that

Israel gave the Palistine Liberation

Organization the Gaza Strip and the West

Bank and Israel got peace, but after the

treaty was signed there were still many

terrorist attacks on Israel and November 4th

1995 Prime Minister Rabin was

assassinated by a Israel man who saw that

the peace treaty wasn t working and didn t

believe in trading land that Israel fought for

in many wars for peace that wasn t working.

In 1996 Israel signed a peace treaty with

Jordan. Israel is currently Trying to make a

treaty with Syria but It hasn t happened yet

because Syria wants The Golan Hights an

Israel dosent wasn t to give it to them. Since

1947 Israel has had war with many Arab

countries. They have gained alot of land

through war but later gave it away in peace

treaties. There are many people who

disagree in giving away the land. The Arab

Israeli conflict has gotten alot better over the

year. They were not directly involved in any

wars since 1973 and they have made peace

with many countries.


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