Courage Shown In The Book To Kill

A Mockingbird Essay, Research Paper

Courage Shown In The Novel

Do you think that courage is an important part of a novel? Well in the

book, To Kill A Mockingbird, much courage was shown. Courage is

standing up for what you believe in, or doing something that is hard and takes

many obstacles to overcome, or can be as little as saying, No to someone.

Atticus, Jem, and Boo showed much courage in the novel.

First, one of the main characters, Atticus, showed much courage. The

first thing in the book that shows it is what he did to a tradition in his family.

For many years the Finch family had a custom that the oldest one would stay

on the land. Atticus didn t want to and broke a family tradition that was kept

for a long time. I know that I wouldn t be able to have that much courage to

break a tradition that was kept in my family for that long. Another way that

Atticus shows courage is by defending Tom Robinson. No other man in

Maycomb would defend him. Atticus stood up for what he believed in, and

did the right thing.

Also, Jem shows a lot of courage throughout the novel. He was the

one that touched Boo s house and also went to his house late at night to go to

the Radley s house. He also read for one of the meanest people in Maycomb,

Mrs. Dubose. Even though it was a punishment to make him read to her, he

could have been miserable about it. After a while though he thought it wasn t

to bad. He was reading to the meanest person, and doing it with no

complaints, after a little. He also shows a lot of courage by going to the trial

of Tom Robinson with Scout and Dill. He knew that he wasn t supposed to

go to it but did anyway, because he wanted to see what it was like.

Finally, Boo Radley showed the most courage, in my point of view.

When he went out that night to save Scout and Jem from Bob Ewell, it was

the first time in a long time that anyone has saw his face. Also, I think that he

showed a lot of courage by not getting mad at the town people that spoke

about him and rumors that were spread. I am sure he knew about them, but

didn t show any anger at all. I know that I would be real mad and would

want to retaliate.

To conclude, Boo, Jem, and Atticus had a lot of courage in this novel.

Without the courage from the novel the book wouldn t be that interesting and

not that much of a suspense to read. As you can see now much courage was



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