Social Security

–Drawbacks Of Privitization Essay, Research Paper

Federal emplyoment retirement fund

Based on way budget defined… way to get 50% annual benefits for aging, because of including paying insurance into


Population of country over 65.

If 50% over 65,should get 50%

% seniors living in poverty.


$261 for defence 2.6 billion

Hcva —

Social Security $419.790 Billion 1999

HCVA — 390.181 b

People paying into as insurance.

# correctn Not at war with anytime.

Peacetime economy

Biggest peace time.. live longer, longer illness, greater costs

Those live on Soc Sec… dificulty paying food, room, medication, cost of living higher.

Paid through medicare.

Numbers correct, assumptions incorrect.

Social security not increased with inflation

More elderly, need long term care… expensive… spend down or be poor than public welfare.

military 261,379 b.

1.8 trillian:



Ten leading causes of death:

Heart disease



Chronic O PD, obstructive pulminary disease



Not covered by health insurance:

Under age 18 14-15%

*65 1.1%

Assumptions based on inappropriate data.

50% annual budget benefit for aging.

Total military: 261,379

Total hcva 390,181

Average would have to be 800 billion


Elderly paid taxes all their life. Paying premium, unlike defence.

Social security adding medicare.

income = social security, dividend payments (income from stock)

Some only social securty without retirement fund.


Based on above info… not logical etc…. closing paragraph.

Line to line… asses by first two things.

Talkes about for each line.


Conclusions not waranted.

Inacurate data

Manipulated info

inaccurate statement.

right now surplus..

All of hcva.. dialasis, disabled, children whose parents have died… medicare

Majority to elderderly

Renal dialasis

Assuming don?t need any more money. Amount of money does not imply problem solved. Financial culture.. if redirected some funds.. long term care, home health aid, better saleries, more qualification.


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