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In-Class Writing Essay, Research Paper

In-class Writing or Homework

Desks and paper rattle while time slowly tics away from the clock. This time these distractions do not bother you because you are finishing one of your most well written papers. In-class writings are great because they include many positive opportunities. It is hard to say whether homework or in-class writings will give you more satisfaction. Homework allows for some opportunities to become available, which could prove to be invaluable to some people. I personally prefer to have the choices of in-class writings available at hand.

In-class writings provide a student with one on one time with a teacher for questions about grammar or the structure of an essay. In-class writing means you do not have to find time in your day to do an essay at home. If you’re at home and not sure if something in your essay sounds correct, then you probably do not have somebody to ask about what you should do to perfect it. Whereas with an in-class writing you can simply walk up to the teacher and ask for his or her opinion on an idea.

On the other hand, a in-class writing is a set amount of time to complete an essay. This can be either a very good thing or it could be far from the best thing. Some people could feel pressed for time and as a result might have a difficult time writing, while other people would pace their time out and finish before due time and end with a spectacular paper. Then you have those students who like to procrastinate; they think they can miss many days of class and then show up the final day of in-class writings and write a perfect essay. A day missed is time lost forever. You can’t use the internet with an in-class writing. As difficult of a withdrawal as this is for a few people, it is a good time to learn how to walk on your own two feet.

At this moment, it is hard for me to write whether in-class writing or homework is better to work with. I tend to lean towards in-class writing as being the better of the two because of the advantages available when the teacher is present. Even though I’d rather have an in-class writing than homework, I still have a difficult time thinking and arranging thoughts in my head without using a word processor on a computer.


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