Blood Donation Essay Research Paper The mental

Blood Donation Essay, Research Paper

The mental distress caused by one person to another of equal standing is known as peer pressure. If you?ve seen any after school specials you?d know what I?m talking about. Peer pressure takes plenty of persistence and securance. You must be persistent about your idea or no one will listen. And, you must be secure enough not to lose your position or idea. As children we faced pressure from our peers all the time. We were tempted to steal, lie and cheat. Even in adulthood these pressures still exist. Others love to persuade your mind and get them on your bandwagon. Whether the question is buying a house or a new pair of shoes, someone always has an opinion. Even though most peer pressure is bad, some of it can be useful.

I found this out my junior year of high school. One of my close friends urged me to donate blood to the Red Cross. It seems harmless to ask someone to contribute to charity, but I wasn?t comfortable with this situation. For example, when someone starts to talk blood and guts I have to leave the room or else I get light-headed and nauseous. So, I wasn?t sure if I could handle giving blood. Although my friend knew this she still badgered me to do it. She wanted to it not only because it was kind but, who ever donated blood would be let out of school early. Yet, knowing the statistics on blood donation also helped persuade my mind. I found out that every 3 seconds a person needs blood. And, 95% of people living to age 72 will need a transfusion but only 5% of people donate blood. Had it not been for my friend I wouldn?t have paid attention to these facts. Therefore, I decided to or at least tried to donate blood.

I was extremely nervous when the day came to give blood, nevertheless I tried not to show it. Earlier in the day, some students had passed out after they gave blood and were sent to the Nurse?s office. This made me more worried than before. But, I went Red Cross station anyway, thinking that I?d be all right.

After I filled out some forms a nurse directed me where to go have my blood drawn. As soon as she told me where to go, I got remarkably nauseous as my face turned white and my hands got cold and clammy. The nurse could see I wasn?t feeling well and called for assistance. I was taken to the nurse?s office where I took a little nap. When I awoke all my friends knew what happened to me. It was hard for them not to laugh, but I don?t blame them, I was laughing at myself too. Although it was embarrassing at the time, it was also funny. This catastrophe is one of my high school memories, which I can look back upon and laugh. I?m glad I tried to donate blood because, now I know what it feels like. I?d rather make a fool of myself at age 17 then 25, wouldn?t you? In conclusion, I?m grateful for my pushy friend because; she helped me stand up to a challenge that I may face someday. Although, not anytime soon.




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