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None Essay, Research Paper

There are hundreds of natural resources that the world relies on for everyday tasks. We use natural gas to heat our homes and office buildings. We use oil to lubricate the motors in automobiles and heavy machinery. We even use coal as a source of heat and energy in many circumstances. But there is one natural resource that we rely on more than any other: Gasoline. We, as a species, consume Gasoline at an enormous rate. We use Gasoline on a daily basis to propel us back and forth from our jobs, to get us to vacation destinations, or to power machinery, which assists us in our daily work. The problem is that Gasoline, along with the plethora of other natural resources, is a depleting commodity. If we rely on these things so much, then why do we choose to use them without realizing how little of a supply remains on Earth. How many times have you seen someone driving an enormous truck on the road without any other passengers? Is it really necessary for one person to commute in a vehicle that could hold eight, and consume the same amount of Gasoline? There are many alternatives to this and if we are to save our precious resources, then we need to start incorporating them into our society or soon we will find ourselves without the things we need the most.

I. There is many natural resources that our world relies on every day.

B. We use oil to lubricate our motors and natural gas to heat our homes.

A.We use Gasoline to get us back and forth from our everyday tasks.

II. The natural resources that we rely on are very limited, and Gasoline is a resource that we do not use wisely.

A.We use Gasoline to do tasks that could easily be completed by using machinery that is more efficient.

B.The prices that we pay for Gasoline keep increasing, and there are no signs of the inflation slowing down.

III. Something needs to be done to ensure that future generations will have available sources of Gasoline.

A.We need to devise a plan, which mandates the amount of Gasoline a person can consume within a specified period of time.

B.New technologies need to be developed that will optimize the amount of energy that can be derived from a particular measurement of Gasoline.

IV. If we can put these actions into effect, the world will be a much better place.

A.There will be less pollution resulting from the lowered usage of Gasoline.

B.There will be a greater amount of this precious resource left for our future generations.

V. It is easier than one thinks to get involved in this type of conservation.

A.Next time you need to go somewhere, ride a bike or take the bus.

B.If you need to travel somewhere, consider carpooling with some other people to save everyone time, money, and Gasoline.

The issue of conserving our natural resources is a bigger problem than most people think. If you think about it, who really goes without using Gasoline? If we lose it, then what will happen to our world? Our world of trade and business alone would be destroyed. It isn?t likely that this will happen in our lifetime, but it is very possible in a few centuries. Do we want to let this happen or do we want to do something to ensure that our world still exists after we are dead and gone? There are some very basic things that one can do to help. If everyone did their part, then this would certainly be no longer an issue.


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