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Wrestling Essay, Research Paper


Ready, wrestle. This is what the ref. says to start the match. Wrestling is my favorite sport. It’s so fun to get nervous and try to guess what sort of technique and moves my opponent will use.

I like school wrestling, but mat club and wrestling at big tournaments is even better. I don’t like school wrestling because you don’t see all the good kids wrestle, like the state champions and stuff. Last year, my second year I took 3rd place in Greco, and also 3rd in freestyle. The state championships were in La Grande Oregon. I would have got 2nd or 1st in Greco, but I got ripped off really bad.

The kid that I wrestled bead me the day before in freestyle, so I had an eye out for him in Greco. We were tied at the end of the first round 4-4. Then I threw him in the best head-and-arm and had him pinned, but his coach was the ref. so he wouldn’t call it. I mean I really had him pinned, I had him pinned for the whole round.

The round ended and the ref. put us both up, The 3rd round, he scored some points on me and he was up 9-4. Then, it happened, I threw a head-and-arm again and had him pinned the whole round. I had finally tied the score and the ref., his coach, called illegal had locking on me and game him one point. This very, very bad call ended the match 9-10, I lost, but at least I tried, and got 3rd.

I really like State, but Western Regionals was even better. At Regionals you will see state champs and even National champs. I even wrestled a national champion. I didn’t win a match at Regionals, but not many people from Sunset did. Regionals was in Pocatella, Idaho. me and a couple of other people from Sunset went with our coach, Mr. Messner, on a little white bus. We left on June 16th at 8:00 in the morning last summer. We drove until about 7:30 at night to a tiny, little , diminutive , miniscule town called Ontario, Oregon. We stayed the night and left at 7:00 am. We arrived in Pocatella about 5:00 that night. All together it took us about 21 hours.

Regionals had some really, really, really great wrestlers, but my dream is to win the gold metal in the Olympics for wrestling. And after that, be a coach. I really like wrestling and hope it never ends.


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