St Bernadette

St. Bernadette – Biography And Analysis Essay, Research Paper

St. Bernadette Biography St. Bernadette was born on January 7th, 1844 in Lourdes, a small town is southwest France. She was the first born child of Louse and Francois, and had one sister and two brothers. In her childhood Bernadette s family resided at the Mill Boly Mill which Francois ran. Unfortunately Francois let debts owed to him go unpaid, then the Mill ran out of money and Francois had no money to do repairs, so customers took their business elsewhere. Francois didn t have money to support his wife and children and they were forced to move to a small, dank room which was once a jail cell. Bernadette stayed at home and took care of her younger siblings, while her parents did odd jobs to pay the bills. Bernadette did not enjoy life at home so she frequently visited her aunt Bernarde for periods of time. On February eleventh (1858) Bernadette was out in the grotto, with her sister and a classmate, searching for small pieces of wood to bring back for firewood. The two other girls had ran ahead and Bernadette had bent down to adjust her clothes when she head a rush of wind. Looking around she saw nothing but then she heard the noise again and looked up to find the most beautiful lady she had ever seen. After this day she gets strange urges to return to the grotto and sees this apparition, who was the Blessed Virgin, multiple times. The Blessed Virgin told Bernadette three secrets that she was to keep and not to tell anyone. The Blessed Virgin also requested that a chapel be built in the grotto and this was done. Bernadette lived her life always keeping her faith in God, she had a very hard life and was never left alone from the burden of being interrogated about her visions. On April 16th, 1879 Bernadette passed away after incredulous pain and suffering due to her poor physical heath.

She would no longer have to be subject to the physical and mental anguish she was going through. Bernadette was declared blessed on June 14th, 1925 and then was canonized on December 18th, 1933 by Pius XI. Analysis: 7 images of the church Community: Bernadette lived out this image of the church when she prays with her rosary. Every time she went to see the Virgin Mary she would say her rosaries. She would always be praying and seeking union with God. Herald: Bernadette told her friends and family of the apparition she saw and she answered many questions about her sightings all her life. The news of Bernadette s sightings was known throughout Europe. The good news of salvation was proclaimed. Institution: Bernadette taught at the convent and helped at the institution. She helped to create the spring of water which healed so many people. Bernadette s touch healed the sick people and people believed that her touch was good luck. Pilgrim: So many people accused Bernadette of lying but she always stayed with her story and did not lose sight in God. This caused her a lot of pain and grief throughout her life, because she was faced with constant interruptions, which were very disturbing, all her life. Sacrament/Sign: Bernadette never looses her head even with all the fame she gets, when people offer her gold and money she does not accept it because she knows that she does not deserve it. In her last few days when she was in an incredible amount of pain people offered to put her out of her misery, but she did not give in until the very end. She was offered drugs to numb the physical pain she was going through, but she did not accept. She always made the journey to mass everyday, because she was able to keep her faith. Servant: Well, Bernadette was a Servant when the Virgin Mary requested that a church be built in the Grotto and Bernadette passed the message a long so the her request would be fulfilled. She also kept the three secrets she was told all her life and never once broke her promise.


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