Cell Phones Why Teenageres Should Own One

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Honors English Pd. D

October 12, 2000

When cellular phones and pagers first hit the market in the early ’80s, customers were mainly businesses. Now, families are the fastest-growing segment of wireless customers, according to Cellular One?s homepage. Springing from this trend is the booming teenage market. The devices have become so popular, manufacturers are now making them in bright colors that appeal to younger customers. But besides the fact that cellular phones are fashionable, teenagers today have a viable reason to own a cellular phone.

It is true that cell phones can be expensive. Furthermore, the teen may use the phone unnecessarily for personal reasons. But a child can develop a sense of responsibility. Parents can work out a plan so their child can pay for his own personal calls, and the parents can pay for those that are necessary. Companies offer incentives such as prepaid service plans, long-distance calling cards and free calling time on weekends. Some companies offer the family plan where you can call anyone in the family for free. With these incentives available, a teenager can have a cell phone available to them without being too much of a financial burden to the parent.

Cell phones allow parents to keep track of their teenager?s whereabouts. Families are busier than ever, so it’s becoming more important to keep a tab on the child as a way to ensure his safety. For example, a teen may be running late and can call their parents to tell them he is going to be late for dinner. Yet, the parents will also be able to get a hold of their child if they are going to be late coming home from work. Being able to stay in contact with teenagers no matter where they are provides some peace of mind for the parents.

Cellular phones come in handy during emergencies. Teenagers are away from the house much more than they were 30 years ago. They also have easier access to cars. These teenagers are often involved in after-school activities and jobs that require them to travel across town. During these activities, cellular phones make it possible to provide solutions for emergency situations. For example, if a car breaks down in the middle of a highway, a cellular phone ensures that a teenager may call for help without having to worry about attackers. A teen may also need to be picked up from a party they don?t feel comfortable being at. In situations like these, a cell phone becomes handy when the child needs immediate attention.

In conclusion, parents should trust their teenagers with a cell phone. A cell phone will open the communications between the parent and the child. Although it can be an often-large expense, a parent shouldn?t hesitate to spend a little bit more money when the concern is for the safety of their teenager. A child not only gains a sense of responsibility, but also learns the value of money. The parent will also receive peace of mind knowing that their child can reach them if they should have a change in plans.


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