The Theory Of Education Essay Research Paper

The Theory Of Education Essay, Research Paper

The Truth Behind Education

The purpose of education is to spread knowledge to the younger generation. Without education, tradition is lost, as well as the potential of youth. For centuries, the old have taught the young. They have passed the torch of knowledge from one hand to another. Whether it was a master teaching an apprentice, or a teacher teaching a class, the tradition of teaching has been in practice since the beginning of man. Without a mentor for a child to learn from, the child will never find the truth behind the mysteries of life. The child needs to be trained to succeed. That is why the teacher must be of the highest quality. The student will take after the teacher, not only in knowledge, but also in style and example. If the teacher has a flaw, the child will accept that flaw as their own. There is a special bond between the teacher and the student. The teacher must be prepared to take on the student as more than a student, but as a friend.

The opportunity of education should not be missed by anyone; no matter what caliber of intelligence they might posses. Material can be altered to better fit the small minded, just as long as the basic facts get through to them. If the less intelligent people are not given an education, they are useless to society. The goal of a productive society is to have all of its members participate in their community as efficiently as they can. Those, whose intelligence surpasses other s, should be given a challenge in every circumstance available. Harder work should be provided, but not demanded. Although, those with the skills to complete such work, should not let their minds go to waste. They should harness their brain s power to be as successful as possible.

Everything that s interests the individual should be taught to him or her. That goes for those who have matured into higher levels of education with the increase of age. This theory starts with students at the age of 16. Prior to the age 16, the same material should be taught to every child. Depending on the level of accuracy, the child should be set in a path for the future. Tracking may be necessary, but the track set for a child, should not be unchangeable. Not only should the child be taught the facts and theories of life, they should also be taught the methods of learning. The ultimate goal of a teacher is to teach a student how to learn, and watch them progress on their own.

The surroundings for teaching should be comfortable. A student should not feel uneasy in their area of learning. There should not be a considerable amount of distractions; therefore, the size of the classes should be small. The best way for a student to learn is one on one, but if a class is necessary, a small class will do.

The student has to want to learn. They should take notes on what their teacher says and become an active participant in their class. Otherwise, the student will get nothing out of the lesson, and the bond between teacher and student is broken. Only hard work and an increased effort will restore the teacher s trust in their student.

Schools should become a second home to a student. If a child is afraid of the school building itself, the child will feel intimidated while in the school and not benefit from their teachings as well as they could. The temperature should be comfortable during all seasons, for a classroom, which is either too hot or too cold, can become a distraction for the student. The school should not be too large, and classrooms should not make a student think twice about entering them. Chairs should be comfortable, and the temperature should remain a constant 70 degrees. A pleasant aroma, possibly from scented candles, should be present in the room. Perhaps classical music should be played softly in the background. It has been proven that while a student is studying, playing works done by such musicians as Mozart and Bach have actually increased the focus of the student and helped them learn. This would ensure a comfortable working environment.

With a better environment, should come new discipline. Such privileges need to be earned by the student. If a student so much as disturbs the class, they should be sent out immediately. If the classroom is somewhere that the students want to be, it would be a punishment to force them to leave. The best area for education, is a place where the student actually wants to learn.


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