In The Year 2020 Essay Research Paper

In The Year 2020 Essay, Research Paper

In the year 2020, everything will and must change. From the rule of government to the way we live our everyday lives, all things will face some type of major or minor change.

Government changes with the times. By the year 2020, with so many world powers, there in turn will be a more prominent world government system. Decisions will be made for the concern of the world’s population. With pollution and poverty taking the

world by storm, the need for a global governing body would be required to make sure we could make laws and rules that will help the world. This will make sure that the more powerful countries would not take advantage of the weaker ones. This global government will make laws, so that any individual country that would try to do this would be punished. Some other smaller changes that I think will take place are more females in higher leadership positions and more changes in the amount of power the President receives. Amendments should be passed so that the presidents’ duties will be set by the global government to insure less abusiveness of his power. I think there will be a rule that the President has no say in passing laws. If the Congress feels that a law should be passed, one person will not be able to veto it. More technology laws must also be passed. Since technology will be amazingly advanced by that time. Rules about what information is available for people to see are important. Laws concerning the amount of pollution an automobile can give off should be even stricter to help the environment.

If the Internet seems amazing to you today, then in 2020, you will be blown away. I imagine waking up in the morning and having my alarm clock tell me what the weather is, what I have to do that day, and what is going on in the world. This is just one little minor change in the way life will be in 2020. No, we will not be in spaceships but our vehicles won’t be the same gas-guzzlers as today. With pollution a concern, the solar powered car will thrive. The basic features of the cars will be the same but they will be safer and cost less to maintain. Another noticeable change in technology will be all the information you can receive from just sitting at home. You can find out what time your favorite movie is playing and buy your ticket without leaving the house. Researching facts directly from a professor from 3000 miles away will be like making a phone call. Everyday chores will be made easier than you have ever imagined. Technology will be amazing by 2020, but not everyone will have access to it.

With the population of the world increasing every year, will we, in the year 2020, have enough resources for everyone to live comfortably? I think the biggest concern will be food and water. We have enough poverty today and in 22 years, I’m sure it will increase. We must have the wealthier countries share with the poverty stricken countries. With so many people in a certain area, there may not be enough food and water for everyone. Hopefully, with organizations, such as Unicef, and smaller ones like soup kitchens, we can feed the poor and homeless. Setting up agreements with many countries will make this happen. If the U.S. needs corn but we have an excess of wheat, we would be able to give our excess supplies to others and take what we would need. Land will be another issue that will have to be shared amongst the citizens of a country. In order to assure less overcrowding, people will not be able to own more than one acre per person. This would only be in affect if there is overcrowding.

In many ways, the world will change by 2020. For both good and bad, change is inevitable. Twenty-two years ago in 1976 people were thinking the same things that I am today. Who would have thought that we could surf the net or that we could charge everything with a plastic card? That’s why in 2020, the world will be more exciting than we could ever imagine.


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