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E-commerce Essay, Research Paper


E- Commerce is another name for Electric- Commerce.

Electronic-commerce offers what many people believe to

be an effective property of the Web. That property

is the ability to adjust sites to the different needs,

wants, desires and, even personalities of each

individual customer. This ability is known to many

experts as “cognitive computing,” a blend of

behavioral sciences and computer science.

Increasing competition worldwide, increasing

demands made by customers, and the rapid pace of

change in technology are forcing companies to review

the way they do business, the kinds of products and

services they offer, and the speed with which they

release products to market. Today, most companies

have worked to expand and improve their process and

practices internally. But, the massive use of the

Internet by the consumers is forcing businesses to

focus on external relationships and their business

models. In order to meet the demand made by the

Internet users, organizations are now beginning to

rely on the e-commerce solutions that help reach and

keep customers, open new markets, and condense the

business processes.

E-Commerce has various advantages for the

provider. One advantage is it allows companies

to build a name for their company, quickly and

inexpensively. Another advantage is it offers

“suggestive selling”. This is when the user can

recommend similar or other products that they

might/will buy. This is often done through surveys.

The last advantage is the speed in which the

transaction is completed. Many times Web users give up

in trying to buy something due to the frustration that

was caused in trying to get to that particular item.

There are also many advantages to E-Commerce for the

user. The information can be updated in no time and

while the user is using it. The pages can be updated

without having to redesign the page. Site visitors can

maneuver and control the data, as it is displayed, to

suit their preferences and need-to-know. The

interactive capabilities such as purchasing on-line

can be utilized, and the site visitor can filter


Overall, E-Commerce delivers a solution to

businesses that will help their clients better

interact with their customers, suppliers and partners.

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