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Insurance Adjuster Essay Research Paper Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster Essay, Research Paper

Insurance Adjuster My name is I am writing this report to show my interest in the career of being an insurance adjuster . In this report I am going to state why I feel I am able to do this position. I will include the skills I have and the experience I have. I will also tell about the education I will need to be successful in this career field. Insurance adjusters perform many different tasks. But there major role is to deal with challenges such as handling complaints, interpreting and explaining policies or regulations, resolving billing disputes, and collecting unpaid bills. The variety of titles and responsibilities in this occupation can be grouped down to about four other categories there is so much material to be gone over. Insurance companies hire adjusters to investigate claims and make sure no one is committing insurance fraud or getting more money then they deserve. To be an insurance adjuster you should have good word processing skills, also general computer skills. I would be able to do this because, I have been using a computer ever since I started school. That gives me about ten years on a computer not to mention the constant use for school work and internet on my own time. I can also type about fifty words per minute, that is what I was tested at when in computer class. I am also a very detailed worker, all my projects have to be perfect otherwise I won t put name on them. Such as the time I did landscaping work on the farm and had to level out a embankment and make it suitable for a portable building to be set on.

Many employers do not require any formal education for adjusters. Instead they look for people who can read and write well and people who have good communication skills. I think I have good communication skills, both intro- to-work and communications for success are giving good insight on being an excellent communicator. Foreign language skills are also a plus for adjusters, when working in a major city were different minorities are present. I already have some Spanish speaking skills, from having two years of Spanish. These are the skills I will need to show in order to become an insurance adjuster.