Is Macbeth Responsible For The Bloodshed Essay

, Research Paper

I’m writing about ” Who is most responsible for the bloodshed that occurs in the

play? Is Macbeth alone or is Lady Macbeth to blame? How much blame can we

place on the instrument of darkness.” This topic sounds very interesting and gets

into great detail and lets you find out more about all the murders. This topic lets

you express what you have to say on the bloodshed and also lets you be very

open minded. This topic also lets you be an investigator and do some research

on the murders and who is most responsible. Doing this topic it is going to let me

dig deep into the play and find out more about it.

While Macbeth committed the murders, he may have never begun if it

were not for the persuasion of Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth was the one who

told him to kill Duncan and she said she would have except that he looked to

much like her father. Lady Macbeth is Macbeth’s motivation, they both knew it

was wrong but Lady Macbeth made it look all right so Macbeth would murder him.

Also Macbeth had so much ambition of becoming the king of Scotland and this

was one to do it. With a little convincing from Lady Macbeth this was there

chance to become the King and Queen of Scotland.

After killing Banquo, Macbeth became more ruthless but Lady Macbeth

became more fragile and the guilt haunted her as seen from her sleepwalking.

Lady Macbeth was so afraid of some one finding out by the end of the story she

was asking the doctor what was wrong with her. She was so messed in the head,

she thought there was blood on her hands because she felt so guilty, she didn’t

know what to do so she committed suicide. That goes to show she was obviously

more guilty then Macbeth, at least he stayed to the end and put up a fight.

Macbeth was also going crazy thinking there was goasts and beliving what ever

the witches told him. Everyone thought he was getting sick, even more though

when he stayed to fight for his kingdom. Everyone else had left but he was there

and ready to put up a good fight.

The Instruments of darkness really had nothing to do physically with the

murders. They where mainly a mental way of thinking. The prophecies where a

big part in the whole play in the eyes of Macbeth, but actually they where nothing,

it just made him think they where leading him the right way. The dagger was

nothing but his mind playing tricks on him. Of course it was a part of the murder

to Duncan because it led Macbeth to his room, but it didn’t make Macbeth murder

him, that was all Macbeth’s dission with help from Lady Macbeth.

In conclusion I would have to say Macbeth and Lady Macbeth where both

pretty much equal on the bloodshed. If anything Lady Macbeth was more to

blame but Macbeth was the one who did the murders and caused the bloodshed.

The Instruments of death where a part of the murders but you can’t blame the

murders on them, but they where definitely a part. There is alot of different

thoughts in my eassy, hopfully they have been useful and help you no more about

the bloodshed and who is responsible for the murders, and who is to blame.


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