Equality Essay Research Paper Equality in Footwear

Equality Essay, Research Paper

Equality in Footwear for ALL

A Personal Narrative

My time spent in the god awful country of > [ed. Note, country name is a swear] brought me to a grave realization. That all over the world there was discrimination going on, even on this remote island. The mosquitoes were worse then they were in Mosquito Coast, starring Harrison Ford as a bad actor. What I found on this island is that they were segregating their shoes and sandals. They weren t allowed to be near each other. This was wrong. It was time for them to become one happy closet, and what a better person to do it then me.

I had just been transferred from my previous assignment behind a desk to patrol these wild parts. My commander commanded me, as often commanders do, to Take a walk on the wild side. Of course, he had to hum a few bars of Take a Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed, just to get it stuck in my head. I decided that I d hop The Last Train to Clarkesville. I told my mom I was leaving on a jet plane, didn t know when I d come back again. When I finally arrived I noticed something and after noticing that something I figured out what it was that my life would be for.

Shoes and sandals belong together, like frankfurters and large parties with people named Earl. But this wasn t to be, no not on the island of >. This was an island of heat, humidity, and oppressive government. Worse then Florida in June, Supreme Dictator Crul kept the civilians under his hand. Ah yes, it was 47, 1947 that is, and his power was becoming to strong. He decided, upon a whim of the morning, that all the sandals of the country would be herded up like kittens and thrown into the dungeon. I decided that this wasn t to be. No, I d fight the man. First, I decided that with the help of the sandal wearing public, that a rally would be staged. This wasn t to be any ordinary rally, no we decided it that we would all protest wearing nothing but sandals. We did this to symbolize the diversity of all our shoes and sandals. This was of course broken up by the police force of the island, but we did not care, no we continued our protesting. We decided to burn all our shoes in protest outside the castle. The smell of the burning pleather and vinyl would surely stink him out. The odd odor continued for days until the smell was so great you could actually taste it. That was putrid. And the cloud? Well, it was an interesting colour brown and green. Not a natural green, no it was more of the green you see when spinach has been chewed then spit out. But it continued to waft towards his castle, until finally The Supreme Dictator gave in. He allowed all the sandals to be freed to their owners, upon which they were to be placed into a closet next to their shoe brothers. So now it was time to party. We all got together and ate frankfurters, and we lived a long life in >, until I was transferred. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the day before today. And yet, it s still so crystal clear.


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